Mini fridge ptc starter.?

I have a magic chef mini fridge model MCBR360S, and the PTC starter decided to crap out on me so I'm looking to replace it. Now I have found the part I need, but it's expensive compared to a different one I found on ebay. The part I need is, P6R8MC, and the one on ebay doesn't give a part number so here is a link, I'm just wondering if this one on ebay will work for what I'm trying to do.

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  • 9 years ago
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    PTC's are sized for the compressor. A cheaper aftermarket PTC may work fine, as long as it's rated for your compressor. I think your original PTC is about 7 ohms, and the eBay PTC won't work.

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  • Rocky
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    9 years ago

    when they are on sale you can find 75 bucks brand new wait till winter when there is less demand from capers and college students

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