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what toys will keep my pet rats entertained?

going to the range soon ( ) so wondering what toys i should buy from their to keep my pet rats happy, or any other UK websites that you can leave a link to would be fine:)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls are great for shredding - used to keep their teeth from overgrowing and also mixed into the bedding sometimes. mine even use the box as a second bed.

    BIRD TOYS! they love bird toys. mine have a rope that they like to sit on and climb, used as a perch for birds. pretty much any bird tpy is safe as long as it doesnt have any plastic or beads.

    some people may say wheels, but unlike most rodents, rats will just completely ignore it. dont bother with one.

    a large rock - if you have a big cage and have room to place a large rock, they would love to climb it. mines just flat, theyve had it for quite a few weeks and they still like sitting and climbing on it. it also helps to wear down their claws a bit, making them less scratchy if they climb on your arms or neck.

    mine also have a litter box - yes, a litter box - as a toy. i got the kind that snaps onto the cage bars anywhere as long as its on a corner. mine never cared to follow my litter training, so instead i snapped the tray into the top corner. they love climbing up to get to it and sit in it and stuff. sometimes ill put some paper towel in there so they make a game out of bringing it down and working it into their bed.

    a hammoc - provides another option of where to sleep.

    lots of chew toys - rats teeth never stop growing, and therefore they need lots of variety of things to gnaw on to keep them short. wood chews rats just find boring, so find something with flavour.

    rats are super intelligent animals, and they can get bored easily. every week or two, switch up the toys so that they dont get boring. you dont have to get new toys every week, just sub them out every once in a while.

    good luck!

    Source(s): 7 rats :)
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    any chew toys or sticks, huts and houses, those woven ball things look fun, anything like a hammock, carboard, fruit tree branches, stuff to climb, etc.. rats are really smart so are bored easilly. fill there cage up to the top with fun thigs! they will love it!!! even rocks and bricks are fun! 8] < go here

    Source(s): me, research, experience
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