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Why do certain people interpret history to fit specific agendas?

The American Civil War: it is commonly assumed that the southern American states seceded from the United States due to the issue of slavery. However, other issues played an issue too: the tariff (federal tax on imports into U.S. from foreign nations) and internal improvements (federal funds used to fund roads, bridges, and canals).

black Americans voting Republican: it used to be that until 1964 elections in which Democrat incumbent president Lyndon Johnson pitted versus Republican Barry Goldwater, many African-Americans used to vote GOP, and rarely mentioned anymore.

the gun control leads to genocide claim: this actually was invented by Jews for the Preservation of Gun Ownership in order to discredit gun control laws. Actual, JPFO was founded in 1989 by Wisconsin gun dealer Aaaron Zellmer for reasons of self-interest. If one is a little more objective about mass killings in Russia, Germany, Third World nations, etc., one would argue that there are various reasons for genocide and mass killings in general. While the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany did have ultra-strict gun laws, present-day Russia and Germany also have gun control, too.

JPFO also lied about the 1968 Gun Control Act being based upon a 1938 German gun law.

The American Founding Fathers' attitude toward religion: it is disputed whether the common belief among the architechs of American independence and the U.S. Constitution were devout Christians or deists (who believed God created the universe but then mainly abandoned intervention in human affairs).

Legal abortion in the United States: why is it that legal abortion existed in the United States prior to the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade? In 18th Century American and until the decade of the 1930s, women were permitted to have abortions in the first three months of pregnancy.

Chile under President Salvador Allende: why is it that certain people falsely accused the democratically elected president of the South American country of Chile of wanting to turn in into a communist dictatorship? A blatant lie! He was elected in 1970 and overtthrown in a 1973 military coup by Pinochet.

Nicaragua in the 1980s decade under the Sandinistas: Why did people view the Central American country of Nicaragua under President Daniel Ortega as being under the same type of communist dictatorship and Castro's Cuba and the Soviet Union. In 1984 presidential and legislative elections that permitted opposition parties and multiple candidates, Ortega and the Sandinistas won fairly. Moreover, Nicaragua in the 1980s had a mixed economy with both socialism and private enterprise.

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    Why do certain people interpret history to fit specific agendas?

    Because they want to prove a point based on a historical event. They tend to focus on the specific of the event that support their point, and ignore ones that don't. It's called human nature and we ALL do it.

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    People have different interpretations of history based on their different viewpoints. Those same viewpoints often drive their forward-looking agendas, so it makes sense that there would be a correlation between the two.

    Just as an example, I'll discuss the Civil War. I don't dispute that more than one issue caused such a drastic action as secession. However, the main issue that caused the war was slavery. Many people in the North viewed slavery as a great moral evil, and wanted to end it immediately. Many people in the South viewed slavery as a fundamental part of their way of life, a part of the way the world should be, and couldn't imagine ending slavery. When an openly anti-slavery president was elected, without a single electoral vote from the Southern states, those states decided that their interests were no longer being represented in Washington, D.C., and chose to secede. People in the North viewed the war, and still view the war, as a war over the moral issue of slavery. People in the South, then and today, view the war as a war over their property rights. Ultimately, the North won, so the North got to write the history.

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    In case you didn't notice History is ALWAYS writen by the Victors.

    Those that come after, identify with the winners.

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    Is this a question? You've put forth an interesting position paper, but I don't know what your question is.

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