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James J asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 10 years ago

Do you like this trade for both sides?

Shonne Greene for Tony Romo

MY QB's are E. Manning and S.Bradford

My RB's are C.Johnson, MJD, L. McCoy, J. Best, and S. Greene

HIs QB's are Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, and Donovan McNabb, he is starting Matt Ryan as of now. He is a cowboys fan and I believe it will be hard to pry Romo from him.

His RB's are J. Charles, F. Jones, K. Moreno, and D. Murray.... He lacks depth at RB and F. Jones nor Moreno are quality starters in my eyes.

I am giving him a starting caliber RB and still keeping my big 3, he is giving me a starting caliber QB and he would still have 2 on his roster.

I sent this trade and I hope it works out, otherwise I gotta try to get M. Schaub who is backing up P.Manning on another team. Let me know what you all think

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    you got the depth at rb so you can afford to make this trade.romo will be a top qb this year with all the weapons he has.shonne greene is a big question mark(even though he was running hard in preseason) who know's what LT is gonna do last year he stole greene's job.i'd make trade.

    maybe do a 2 man deal and do greene and manning/bradford for moreno and romo.i know you don't like moreno but the owner of denver john elway already reported moreno will have a monster season,and if you don't remember(check his fantasy numbers last year)he was a monster last year he was injured for a while and still put up nice numbers.

  • 10 years ago

    It would be an excellent dea l for. If I were you, I'd try to sell him that Matt Ryan is set for a big year and he won't even be starting Romo. The Falcons already had R White and T Gonzalez and traded up for a 6th overall pick to get Julio Jones who will make a huge impact. Good luck.

  • 10 years ago

    If he's a cowboy fan, I'd flip and try to gran Ryan from him

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