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How do the IOC elects host cities for the upcoming Olympics game?

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    The IOC examines each candidate city's infrastructure (subways, trains, highways, airports, and hotels), venues (existing stadiums and arenas and proposed ones), and financing. For the Summer Olympics, the IOC typically starts with about 10 entries, which gets winnowed down to four or five. For the Winter, they start with about six, which goes down to about three. From there rounds of voting begin, the lowest vote-getter being eliminated until the choice is between two cities.

    The evaluations are partly objective and partly subjective. I think IOC members are not allowed to vote for a city from their home country.

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    The IOC looks at all of the candidate cities, to see which ones have the best interest of the athletes and fans in mind. In other words will in be safe? Does it have enough money to build the venues? How big is the city? Then they narrow it down to 3. For example this year the IOC voted on the host city of the 2018 winter games. They narrowed it down to Annecey, France, Munich, Germany, and Peoychang, South Korea. Once they narrowed it down, they had an election, where all the IOC members vote, including the athletes commission members, and they they announce who won.

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