Help winning an argument with a Brit: sport bikes vs. choppers?

Me and him have been going at it for a while. I've brought up almost all my points, and so has he, but we just keep repeating them. He thinks sport bikes are superior to choppers in every way. He also keeps trying to explain that British motor industries are better than American ones:

Our last responses:


I guess you're right. I prefer my legs, neck, arms, and rump to be sore after 20 minutes of riding.

Bottom line, you have turning and speed, we have style, breaking, safety, and endurance.


Of course I'm right. Don't try being sarcastic with me. LOL.

You can easily ride a sports bike safely, just don't be as aggresive as normal.

We have turning, agreed. Speed, agreed. You have style, braking, safety and endurance? DISAGREED.

Style definately disagreed, like I said before. Choppers have paintwork painted by 2 year olds. Braking? You don't need brakes on a chopper, because of 2 things. First of all, if you hit anything, your A$$ will be so far back with the rest of your body, you won't feel a thing, and 2 it doesn't go fast enough for brakes to work.

Endurance? That Chopper Fuel Tank has gotta be pretty big.....


Now this guy knows A LOT about cars and statistics. Can anyone give me points about choppers and American cars?

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  • Tim D
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    9 years ago
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    A chopper is a hand-made custom creation, you cannot buy one from a dealership – be clear about what you are talking about, if you mean a cruiser say so.

    As a Brit I can tell you that the average British rider overwhelmingly prefers a sportsbike (apart from scooters and the odd anomaly like the BMW 1200GS the sales charts are dominated by sportsbikes).

    Yes some can be uncomfortable after a while, however I have ridden across France with people on ZX6Rs, CBR600RRs and a Ducati 916, the latter nearly crippled the rider after 800 miles in a day, the riders on the other bikes were fine (relatively). The drawback with these bikes is that there are very few places to actually use all the bikes have to offer, some autobahns in Germany and parts of the Isle of Man during certain periods and tracks.

    By any performance criteria a sportsbike will out-perform a cruiser.

    I’d have a close look at what he says about the British motor industry – apart from some very high-end cars, manufacturing for Japanese cars, research and development for race teams and very few motorcycle manufacturers (only Triumph has any real size) – there is no motor industry compared with three decades ago (and most of those cars were rubbish ask him about an Allegro). That said US cars have an appalling reputation in Europe (mostly deserved).

  • mn
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    9 years ago

    arguing back & forth about a subject you have no idea about...

    get your licence... buy a bike.. learn to ride..

    go through a series of bikes over the next ten years... from 100cc scooters to 1000cc sports bikes.

    throw in a few custom bikes & a cruiser or two..

    by then you will actually have an idea & maybe even know what your talking about..

    sports bikes out accelerate.. brake.. corner any chopper style bike.. its just the nature of the beast

    sports bikes have a higher top speed.. & depending on the fuel tank could have a smaller or bigger range...the chopper may last longer .. as in life of the engine because its less stressed.. but that does depend on the chopper & where the oil pick up for the engine is... seen a few choppers lock up the engine because the oil runs to the back of the sump & doesn't get pumped around like it should....

    will say one thing about " american bikes" they do hold there price.. but I don't buy bikes to sell later.. I buy them to ride..

  • WRG
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    9 years ago

    I've seen Choppers with paint jobs that are worth more than your whole sport bike.

    Other that that it is all a matter of taste.

    If you want to take a shot at the UK auto industry just mention Lucas Electrical. Here;s some ammo

  • 9 years ago

    Personal preference...I found sportbikes uncomfortable on a long days ride...choppers are flashy and short forks are easier to ride than longforks. Shortfork choppers with a comfortable pan seat rule!

    Source(s): Personal preference
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  • Byron
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    9 years ago

    I don't care for either. At least sport bikes have a purpose. Maybe not for public roads but they have a purpose. Choppers are good for parking next to other "choppers" at bike night.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My impression from all the points that you mention (yours and his) is that neither of you has the slightest clue about motorcycles, physics or mechanics, and you're both too young to be on Y!A (13 yrs and up). Why not argue about whether light is a wave or a particle? You'll both be just as out of your depth.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    sports bikes are more fun to ride. choppers are more of a show thing

  • 9 years ago

    I don't think it's an intelligent argument. Overall your questions are near total retardation level.

  • ?
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    9 years ago





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