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What did Haiti president Jean-Bertrand Aristide did good for the Haiti people?

I heard that most Haitis said that Jean-Bertrand Aristide was a bad man and has not done good for the people. I mean has Jean-Bertrand Aristide done good for his people or not? I heard that the US and French government backed a coup in 1991 against Jean-Bertrand Aristide led by Army General Raoul Cédras(who was also trained by US and France and was appointed by Jean himself)

Why was Jean ousted in 1991? Why did the US react to it? How did the US installed Jean back to power in the mid 1990s?

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    The political bigotry in this article is stunning, and I find it contemptible, but after reading past that the writer had a few good points that might help clarify why he was ousted by the military.

    His strong socialist goals may be why the USA and French opposed him, but frankly, I can't yet find out why, because that alone is usually not enough unless the same socialist is trying to (once again) nationalize (read that as 'steal') our businesses there rather than buy them out or ask them to leave.

    But I can't find anything to that effect yet.

    Frankly I found a number of things that seemed admirable to me in Wikipedia and other sources.

    I utterly oppose socialism as unworkable, and this hardly represents an example of it working, since he was ousted by what appears to be forces that did far worse and were far more corrupt than he ever was (he is innocent until proved guilty, in my eyes).

    I'll keep researching.

    Good question.

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    The Truth About Aristide: Mob Boss or Persecuted Priest? by Stanley Lucas:

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    Aristide replaced into compelled out of Haiti via a Haitian insurrection. Aristide blames usa and France of mutually orchestrating his downfall. think of roughly that for a minute. France. And usa. How possible is that? He could have been democratically elected, yet he replaced into particularly popularly deposed, too.

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    he always subsidized rice, most people don't care about others human rights as long as they can feed their kids

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    call america.

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