JYP vs YG Entertainment!!!?

I'm planning to audition for one of them but i don't know which one.

I'm more focus on dancing though.I don't know what to say about my singing, but i been in chorus for 2.5 school years.But I'm planning to ask my chorus teacher if she can train me since I'm not in it anymore.But i have a couple of questions so please answer them THANK U! >.<

1.Is it possible to apply to 2 Entertainment at the same time?

2.Can u be a trainee in US? (I remember Min from Miss A came over here while she was a trainee)

3.Will u get breaks if ur a trainee?

4.Is it possible to go to school while being a trainee? Even u don't know Korean?

5.Can u start as group and slowly go solo? ( I read that JYP wasn't happy about Jay Park going solo and etc)

6.Which company is easier to get in?

7.Which company is nicer?

8.Is it possible to get kick out?

9.If i get in will they teach me Korean?

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  • 8 years ago
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    1.Yes, it's possible to audition for both companies, and get accepted. But in the end, you need to choose one.

    2. I'm not certain if YG has a company in the U.S., but I'm guessing that it does (because it's such a large business). JYP for sure does, and Min DID train there for 8 years before debuting.

    3. Hardly. A trainee's life is full of pain and trial. Training will probably take up most of your time. Remember - you sign a contract that binds you to whatever it asks of you.

    4. Many idols still are very young, and still go to high school outside of their schedules. If you don't know Korean, I'm guessing you'll have to learn it.

    5. Some members do individual activities outside of the group (ex. Big Bang's GD&TOP), but it all depends on your contract. If it says that they will only support you IF you are in a group, then you might have to move to another company to restart anew.

    6. Neither. They are part of the Big 3 (YG, SM, JYP), and they are all difficult/almost impossible to get in.

    7. I think both companies are nice.

    8. Of course it is. At any given moment, if you violate the contract/don't live up to expectations, they have no reason to keep you.

    9. I'm guessing you'll have to take Korean classes, or study it on your own.


    I hope I'm not sounding too harsh, but don't get your hopes up too fast. ^^ There's no guarantee you'll get in to either company, and there's a higher chance of you not (especially if you aren't Asian/Korean/part Korean).

    When you audition, you are competing against thousands of other talented people; out of those people, only a couple dozen pass through - and out of those people, only a handful get selected to become trainees. Day after day you train, but there's no guarantee that you'll even get to debut.

    Idol life is not at all what you might think it is (earning money and loving fans while doing what you love); but instead, it's full of hate, stress, and pressure by the media. That's why I have mad respect for all the idols.

    If you manage to pass the audition, sign a contract with either company, and debut, I'll applaud you for your success. (:

    Good luck!

  • 3 years ago

    SM is extremely exterior (or so i've got heard). They fee expertise, of direction, yet they lean extra in the direction of 'reliable seems'. JYP is reliable. They fee expertise and don't in basic terms choose for the favourite 'exceedingly' ones. that's like Brown Eyed females. they do no longer look to be your conventional idol bodily yet they're drop ineffective beautiful :) And YG, in my view, is on the comparable point as JYP :) i think of out of those 3, SM probable does no longer relish your dancing skills as plenty as a results of fact the different 2 :) reliable luck~

  • 8 years ago

    1. Yes, you can.

    2. JYPE - Yes.

    YG - Don't think so, but maybe.

    3. Yes, and no. You might get some breaks, but sometimes you need to work again.

    4. You can learn Korean when you get in YG and JYPE because they want you to learn Korean there. You can't go to Korean schools after you learn the Language.

    5. Yes, you can slowly go solo if the Boss wants to in YG but in JYP, no, you can't.

    6. JYP, because YG is even more harder to get in as there are like millions of fans wanting to get in YG.

    7. Both of them are nice.

    8. Yes, it is possible if you drink-and-drive or take illegal drugs.

    9. They will teach you Korean because if you don't, you can't sing songs and talk to people in South Korea.


    Good luck if you manage to get in YG or JYP.

    Cheers and have a good day! :)

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