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computer science help?

I am about to go to college to study Computer Science and im well aware that jobs are scarce. Is there anyone working in the computer science field that can mention some tips that will help me succeed after college?


I will be attending a community college and will be transfering to a university after 2 years. A BS in Information Technology is another option i could take. Would emplyers view someone with a bachelors in IT more valuable then someone with a degree in CS? or vice versa?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well, a degree in CS will pay you more than IT right off college.

    While working towards your degree, try to see what specialization your CS program offers (database management, software testing, software development, cyber-security, etc). This may help you deciding earlier what courses to take and set a goal for you.

    Try to get internships, even if they don't pay as much as you would want. Work experience will teach a lot of things that you never get to see in class and most internships in CS or software engineering are paid.

    IT and CS degrees are different even though they both deal with computers. ITs work maintaining the entire network or systems in a company. CS majors work creating, debugging or testing software, creating/managing databases, cyber-security, research, etc.

    Picking which one is more valuable really depends on the company. Some companies that rely in computer networks will require more ITs than CS people. In my company we only have a few ITs, but a lots of CS people.

    As I said, it depends on the industry. CS pays more though and might have more job opportunities.

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