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Do any Real Madrid fans know about "La Quinta del Buitre"?

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    La quinta del buitre was the name a guy,some reporter,gave some members of Real Madrid back in the 80's or so when they dominated the world.The group consisted of Emilio Butragueño,Manolo Sanchís, Martín Vázquez, Míchel and Miguel Pardeza.That squad is considered one of the best football squads in history after Di estefano's Real Madrid squad back in the 50's when they won 5 Champion's league back-to-back.Then came the first galacticos:Zidane,ronaldo,bekham,figo,owen,roberto carlos,casillas and raul.They were perhaps the best overall squad in terms of balance.What lacked was chemistry and a good coach.This second galacticos era with Cristiano Ronaldo,benzema,di maria,ozil,coentrao,pepe ramos and all the others can be as good di estefano's,but only time will tell.Bacelona won't last long,like breeze that comes out of the blues and fades so will barca's glory.

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    Yes. They are probably the best graduates from the Real Madrid youth academy and they even played in a Copa del Rey final even before they played in the first team.

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    9 years ago

    What about them? This refers to a time when the core of the Spanish national team was 5 Real Madrid players, 5 really great players. I know what this means but what about them?

  • I'm pretty sure any Spanish Football fan knows who they are.

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    9 years ago

    We know them. What's your point?

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    Yea it means

    I do madrids fans mom

    Viscaaa Barca!

  • Oleeh
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    9 years ago

    yup Why?

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