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What is job availability like for physicits?

I'm think of geting a masters in astrophysics

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    10 years ago
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    The study of physics is highly beneficial in today's technological society. Physics studies and measures the way that matter and energy interact, in order to understand basic laws of nature. Since the subject is so applicable, there are many job opportunities for those who wish to pursue careers involving physics in a wide variety of settings, including government, academic, industrial and private organizations.


    Most engineer positions involve knowledge of the basic laws of physics, as well as training in their application. Some examples of engineer jobs include automotive engineers, design engineers, metallurgical engineers, test engineers, television chief engineers, and software engineers. But according to a 2006 study by the American Institute of Physics, the most common job for those with bachelors degrees in physics is software engineering.

    Astronomical/Aeronautical Jobs

    Jobs in the astronomical field tend to rely on knowledge of physics. Astronauts, pilots, air traffic control specialists, astronomers and astrophysicists are some examples of jobs that involve physics. Most of these careers require higher education, however.

    Earth Science Jobs

    Meteorologists, geologists, geophysicists, oceanographers, hydrogeologists, and seismologists are some jobs in the earth science field that involve physics on a daily basis. Again, most of these positions require higher, specialized education.

    Research/Publishing Positions

    Publishing jobs involving physics might include editing technical books, software, and journals related to physics.


    Nanotechnology is a relatively new field of technology that is currently developing. It combines physics with other science fields, such as chemistry and biology.


    With an undergraduate degree, you can find many elementary and high school positions in science and math. College and university teaching positions usually require a graduate degree, although there are certainly exceptions to this rule.

    Environmental Science

    For those who are interested both in physics and environmental conservation, a job in environmental science is ideal. Environmental analysts, environmental health specialists, and noise/pollution control are a few examples of jobs that combine physics and environmental science.


    The photonics industry is a newly developed area of technology that focuses on the use of optical fibers in communication technology, such as the Internet. Research and development jobs in the area of photonics will utilize many basic principles of physics, particularly light wave transmission.

    Nuclear Science Jobs

    Nuclear science jobs require thorough knowledge of physics. Some examples include nuclear medicine technologists, nuclear physicists, and nuclear technicians.

    Government Jobs

    Many government organizations hire those with a background in physics, including NASA, the Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and the National Weather Service. Jobs in these departments would combine knowledge and application of physics with government consultation.

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    5 years ago

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