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How to do a "natural" looking makeup look?

DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS! I need a detailed discription on how to get a natual look

(ex. "country girl" or a "look like no makeup" look)

I need:





Thank you for all your help and time :)

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    Hey! Here is what I think you should do...

    1. Skin:

    -Wash and apply lotion

    -Apply moisturizer (tinted if you'd like)

    -(Optional) Apply concealer if and where needed

    -(Optional) Apply foundation and/or powder matching skin tone if needed

    -(Optional) Apply a warm pink blush very lightly on the apples of your cheeks, cheekbones, and temples. Blend very well.

    2. Eyes:

    -Apply brown or clear waterproof mascara to the top lashes (bottom also for a more drastic look)

    -(Optional) Apply brown eyeliner to the outer corners of the eyes

    -(Optional) Apply champagne, gold, brown, or any similar color to these colors of eyeshadow, shimmery if you'd like, to the upper lid only.

    -(Optional) Apply neutral brow gel to the eyebrows.

    3. Lips:

    -Apply several coats of lip balm or chap stick

    -(Optional) Apply neutral, gold, or warm pink lip gloss to lips

    4. Hair:

    -Leave down



    -Messy bun

    -French braid

    -Side ponytail or braid


    Hope this was helpful! ;) Good luck.


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    A look like no makeup:

    First of all cleanse, tone and moisturise, then conceal all dark undereye circles and make sure not to 'erase' the dark circles otherwise it'll look to obvious. Now using a mineral concelear conceal all the parts where it tends to get red and blend it in a circular motion (we're trying to even out the skin tone). Next even out your brush with a mineral foundation and start applying starting from the centre of your face and then apply to the rest of your face evenly coating it (your face) also blend this in a circular motion.

    For the eyebrows go 3 shades lighter than your natural hair colour remember to make it look natural.

    For the eyes use a liquid eyeliner lining only the top part of the eyes to make it look natural and remember to evenly line the eyes, then before using any mascara remember to curl your lashes, after curling your lashes taking your mascara evenly coat the mascara on your lashes if you want something that will keep your lashes curled all day then use waterproof as it has more wax.

    Next SMILE and apply a blush don't put too much on as it will ruin the whole natural look apply it on your forehead, cheeks and jawline to give it that natural glow.

    Last of all get a nude coloured lipstick the reason why I'm saying lipstick and no lipgloss is because lipstick has that matte look and lipgloss has a shine

    For the hair let it out and straighten it try not making it perfect so it has a natural look

    Hope I helped good luck <3

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    Hey so for eyes, use a CLEAR mascara. It "wets" the eyelashes and gives them volume and a little bit of a darker color. I would suggest the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Clear. As for eye liner, go with a white that you can put on the waterline. I'm pretty sure Revlon has a good white eyeliner (can't remember the name) Then for the lips, go for a shade that is really really close to your natural lip color. So I would suggest the Covergirl Nature Luxe Lip Balm thingy in Sandstone. For skin, I honestly think that you do not need the whole primer, foundation, setting powder, and bronzer deal. So what I would go with is a light cream blush and apply to the apples of your cheeks. Hair, if you really want to be natural then just leave it down ahha!! But if you want more of a style to it, I would go with loose curls/waves. To achieve this look you should use a 1.5-2 inch curling iron. Spray in a little sea salt spray, and your good to go!

    I hope I helped!!

  • Leslie
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    4 years ago

    Make sure your foundation and concealer match your skin tone 100%, that is the biggest thing. Looking too dark or too light never looks natural. As far as eye makeup is concerned, use neutral colors. A little shimmer is alright in the inner corner and as a brow highlight, but I try to keep it matte when going 'natural.' Use colors only a few shades darker than your skin. And then, brown eyeliner on the upper lashline. I usually skip the waterline, and then apply my mascara. Just one coat for natural looks.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Mineral foundation gives great coverage but does not give that "a lot of makeup" look. light vanilla Eyeshadow all over eye and brown eyeliner on the inside waterline. Dark black mascara. Light pink but a touch of bronzer on cheeks. Hair do this... After shower apply a wave/volume spray. No a lot.. Then sleep with wet hair. In the morning, tease it or do a bit of loose curls that way u can get the natural wavy/summer hair.

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    Put waves in your hair. I suggest getting a curling wand from Remington. They're sold for like 20$ at walmart. :) and use golds and browns, think earth tones for your eyes depending on your skin tone. Don't make it over the top just something to brighten up your eyes and make them pop :). Wear a good quality foundation, think bare minerals. It seriously looks like you're not wearing any makeup at all bur you still look gorgeous. And a for lips either use a tinted lip balm or a nice shimmery lip gloss.

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    If you want some good makeup tutorials and tips, just go on youtube. There are lots of make up gurus. Some good makeup channels are allthatglitters21 and juicystar07 they do makeup tutorials a lot and there sisters. Heres a link to some natural videos: PS the first 2 are juicy star 07 and the next 1 is allthatglitters21!

    Good Luck!

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    OK try just washing your hair and then letting it dry on it own (or blow dry) the just brush it. No curls or straightening. Then do a foundation then a light eye shadow with a black mascara and light lip gloss!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well, for makeup do a light eyeshadow, a little foundation all around your face, mascara just on the top eyelashes. For lips: a light pink gloss. Hair: Straighten, or curl just the ends of your hair. (: hope it helps.

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  • 8 years ago

    Hahaha that's pretty much a complete contradiction you know? How about you just actually go natural? Quickest and easiest natual look.

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