Why do we have middle names?

I know not all of us do, but why do we have them?

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    Sometimes it matters on the language and family system that one is following. In the United States, the bride's last name changes to the groom's. The former last name becomes the groom and offspring's middle name. Like if a person named Micheal Smith marries a person named Tanya Emerson, her name becomes Tanya Emerson Smith. A child would be something like John Emerson Smith. So the United States uses a matrynomic system. However, in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan; the middle names get really interesting and they have real meaning. A child recieves a patrynomic name as his/her middle name. So let's take Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin as an example. His full name is "Vladimir Vladimrovich Putin". "Vladimirovich" is his middle/patrynomic name. In the Russian language, "Vladimirov" means "Vladimir's", and Vladimirovich means "Vladimir's son". Lets take another example, the famous Russian sniper Vassily Gregoryevich Zaitsev. His dad's name is "Gregory". As for females, the "-ovich/-evich" is changed. It becomes

    "-ovna/-evna". So a female named Lyudmilla Reznova's full name would be something like "Lyudmilla Milanovna Reznova", her dad's name is "Milan". And "Milanovna" means "Milan's daughter". Let's look at a simpler and easier one. These Russian patrynomics have their English equivalents. So now you know that "-ovich/evich" middle names show possession of offspring. So the last name "Petrovich" would be equivalent to the English name "Peterson". The name "Ivanovich" to the English "Ivanson" and so forth. Bulgaria's patrynomic/middle name system is very identical to the ones the Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians use. Only Bulgarians use "-ov/ev" in their middle names. Not "-ich/-ovich/-evich". So a Bulgarian named Ivan Petrov's full name would be something like "Ivan Damyanov Petrov", meaning his dad's name is "Damyan". In Russian it would change to "Damyanovich". Also, if people move to these nations their middle names change to! So let's go back to Micheal Smith's situation. If he decides he wants to live in Russia or Ukraine, everyone's middle name changes to their dad's. So their son John's middle name would no longer be "Emerson", it would "Mikhailovich". In full, "John Mikhailovich Smith". ("Mikhail" is the Russian equivalent to "Micheal", so "Mikhailovich" means "Micheal's son"). The former middle name "Emerson" gets lost. Micheal and Tania's middle names also change to their fathers'. Some nations simply won't care and will allow you to keep a middle name as it is. But not in Russia! (lol). Hope this helps!

    I'm not really sure as to how others do it. So why we have middle names all depends on what culture or family system you follow. True, some people don't have middle names. If you follow the western naming system, most likely your middle name will have matrynomic meaning. If you follow the Eastern Slavic system (Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine....etc), the middle name is based on your dad.

    Source(s): knowledge of slavs. Curiousity of Bulgarian similiraty in Russian names.
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    Russian Middle Names

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    First: Andrea Middle: Rose Last: Garcia Cunhe

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    Because our parents can't choose just one name. Think of the millions of names, and if they only had one kid, they can't use them all. So they'll use two. Plus, some kids go by their middle names and think how sad it would be if their first name that they didn't like was their only option.

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    Why do we have middle names?

    I know not all of us do, but why do we have them?

    Source(s): middle names: https://tinyurl.im/NGtWB
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    in western european culture that was the name that came from your mothers father or mother and your first name came from your dad

    Source(s): my mother is a genealogist
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