What are some lesser-known but interesting facts about Minneapolis?

I've read the Wikipedia entry and a few other fact sites on Minneapolis, but I'm sure there's more to this city than what I've been reading about. 10 points for a good answer. Thanks!

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    3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing) is there. They invented "Scotch" tape.

    Almost everyone there is Scandinavian or German or a mixture of the two.

    Minneapolis/St.Paul is one of a few Twin Cities; like Dallas/Fort Worth.

    EDIT: Mary Tyler Moore show was staged there. Supposed to be WJM TV station. It was a good show (about 1975-77)

    The James gang held their last attempted robbery in Northfield--the populous proved tougher than they gambled on, and a lot of the gang were shot by its citizens that day. Don't know how close it is to Minneapolis.

    Source(s): Girlfriend from St. Paul
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    janet jackson recorded rhythm nation there

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    has one of the highest violent crime rates of larger US cities.

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