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WS Historian asked in SportsWrestling · 10 years ago

Who do you think has the biggest passion for WWE : John Cena, Shawn Michaels, or The Undertaker?

John Cena : He really loves WWE. He doesn't care if WWE Fans always say something bad about him and boo him. Cena never cares about that, he still always tries to give his best to WWE Fans every single night. Right now, he has done it all and could just retire and turned his back on those Fans who have booed him but he never did that. He really loved this business and willing to still wrestle as long as he's still able to.

The Undertaker : No matter how much pain he is in he still goes out there every night to give the fans a great show. You can see that he's straining and having a hard time with his knees, yet he still continues on with the match. I remember when he got burned at EC. Taker went on with the match and acted as if nothing happened all throughout the match. He has done it all and earned Legendary status a decade ago, yet he still wrestles because he really loves this sport.

Shawn Michaels : He was so dedicated to the business. He overcame knee and back injuries that were both career threatening. He came out each and every night and gave 110% no matter how much pain he was in. Hell he still wrestled after his back injury just to go and get SCSA over at Wrestlemania! And he didn't even wrestle for titles like MANY wrestlers do now, he just wrestled for the love of the sport.

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  • 10 years ago
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    I don't know that I can pick one over the other two as the most passionate about the WWE. All three have had Hall Of Fame careers and nobody can question their stardom and impact on the WWE, and the wrestling business as a whole.

    Cena could easily walk away from the WWE and go be a TV sitcom star, or go make rap records (or both), or do Disney movies, or...pretty much anything he wants to. But he stays in the WWE, not only because he's the face of the WWE but because he loves the fans (even those who hate him), working overtime to give every person in the building a good show, doing the things they all love (or love to hate), to give them a reason to scream and holler, cheer and boo. Cena gives the fans' their money's worth every time he goes out there. He obviously loves the immediate reactions he gets (positive and negative) performing live.

    The Undertaker could have retired years ago to pursue his other interests (particularly his real estate business). But he keeps taking long absences to recuperate, heal, and rehab so he can keep coming back. I've often compared Taker to a legendary Old West gunfighter who only appears when somebody he deems worthy calls him out. He doesn't just go through the motions to pick up a big paycheck, he gives us an epic showdown, a match we talk about for weeks after it's over, sometimes months, even years. Why does he keep putting his aging body through that abuse? Love of the game, love of performing for large crowds, love of giving the paying customers their money's worth, love of giving the WWE what credibility it has, love of playing the iconic character. He knows the Streak match is THE match of the year in the WWE, and he keeps coming back to give us the best match he can at the biggest show of the year.

    Shawn Michaels. He didn't come back after missing 4 years due to back injury just because he missed the rush of performing for large crowds of people. For Shawn, he came back for redemption, to make amends for the wrongs he did to people in the business, and to the business itself before the back injury. Shawn wronged a lot of people in his younger drug-addled paranoid selfish days. When he used to say Triple H was his only friend in the business, he wasn't kidding. Most wrestlers did not like Shawn Michaels. After he sobered up, got married and had kids, and GREW UP, that bothered him terribly. So he came back, yeah for the roar of the crowds, but also to show everybody (wrestlers and fans) that he was not the paranoid selfish prick he used to be. It didn't happen overnight but Shawn persevered and eventually convinced most people that he was indeed a changed man. Fans eventually forgave him for his earlier wrongs and embraced the "new" Heartbreak Kid. He repaid them by giving his all in the ring in some of the most entertaining matches in wrestling history. He gave us all he had until a bigger priority took over...his children.

    If push came to shove and I HAD to pick one over the other two, I'd pick Cena. I don't say that lightly. I chose Cena because he's the biggest "goody two-shoes" babyface since the 80's Hulkamania. Unlike Hogan then, though, Cena takes a whole boatload of undeserved crap from blind Cena-haters who hate him just because he's a "goody two-shoes" babyface (if he was a heel he wouldn't have nearly as many haters as he does). Everything negative we've heard about Hogan in recent years is true. Cena, on the other hand, is nothing like Hogan as a human being and as an employee of the wrestling business. He gets sh*t on undeservedly by too many people but still shows up for work and gives those haters a show they can scream and holler about and boo him out of the building. He works harder for THEM than he does for even the people who love him.

  • 10 years ago

    So easily Shawn Michaels, he wrestled so many classic matches in his last few years with the company and won barely any of them, he was much more bothered about the fans. Your point about injuires is a good one too, how many people would keep coming back after the injuries he had?

    Combine those two arguments, he put his body and even his life at risk to wrestle matches that he wasn't even going to win just to give the fans the best entertainment possible. This is a short answer by my standards but not much more needs to be said, Michaels was special.

  • 10 years ago

    Oh definetely Shawn Michaels. For example, he could've left to WCW back in the late 90's with his buddies, but he didn't. Why? Cause he's passionate about the WWE. He's given match after match of stupendous quality. Throughout all the injuries he's had he still found a way to come back. Why? Because he's so passionate. He loves his work, always has. That's why there will never ever again be another HBK. Can never be replaced.

  • 10 years ago

    If you ask me this right now, I'd have to say Taker, simply because he's the oldest and has a clean track record. The amount of time that guy's put in to the WWE despite numerous injuries and surgeries is remarkable, but perhaps what separates him from the rest is the mentoring/coaching he does backstage as well. He truly cares about developing the talent in the business and is probably one of the few guys that no one has a bad thing to say about.

    HBK will always be a legend

    Cena is still fresh!

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    10 years ago

    I would take Shawn Michaels

    Undertaker is a close second and we will have to wait till John Cena is older to see if his passion matches up to Michaels and Taker...

    I would say Michaels because the man would not quit, After the back and knee injuries which could of ended a normal mans career, but not Michaels and also Michaels would wrestle weekly when he was 43,44,45 and when he retired and said he would never wrestle again, he never did unlike some men who do wrestle again *cough Ric Flair cough*

  • 10 years ago

    I would say all three,But its a tie between HBK and Taker.These men fight and put on a show when they are seriously injured.They have stuck around for almost 25 years.They always put on a show and bring their best.They are just simply entertaining.

    Cena on the other hand also has the same quality.I really believe that he cares deeply for his fans.

    The difference is that he has been here for 8 years + and I still don't find him entertaining.

  • 10 years ago

    Undertaker. Hands down.

    Source(s): Common sense.
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Undertaker he could have retired 10 years ago and been a hall of famer

  • 10 years ago

    I will go with Cena and HBK. They really give every thing they have. Taker the only reason he is still in the company is his wrestlemania streak once it reaches 20-0 he will no where here.

  • 10 years ago

    in my opinion John Cena. He just shows so much passion fro on the mic to wrestling to appreciating fans

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