He calls himself my bestfriend, but isnt acting like it, what can i do !?

long story short ( as short as I can, ill try)

in 2008, i moved to a small town, and started high school in year 8. I caught a bus and made friends with a boy, Phil*.

Phil went to a different high school, we were in the same year, in year 10 (2010) he changed to my school. we became bestfriend. sometimes the feelings were stronger than that, but we only stayed friends.

at the end of 2010 I moved to three hours away, he also moved (coincidence?) and now lives 30 minutes from me.

the school I go to is on campus, so i am only home on the weekends.

I barely see him, but when we see each other its like nothing has changed and we are still the same.

I talk to him over the internet and texting.

but thats the problem. whenever I try to talk to him on facebook, he doesnt reply, then says he never got my messages. Im not sure whether its the truth or not anymore.

He only talks to me whenever hes upset or has something to tell me. never just for a chat.

if i post on his wall he wont respond to it.

for example, I posted on his wall an hour ago, and he didnt reply. it was an upset message saying how much i missed him, etcc.

then about 10 mins ago, some other chick posted on his wall and he commented within three mintues.

it really upsets me because i feel left out, and i miss him so much, and he always says he missed me, but he doesnt show it !

Whenever i confront him about it and ask why he never answers me, I get a sob story saying his life is **** atm and hes a **** bestfriend and hes so sorry.

which makes me feel bad !! :(

this happens with texting too. i'll text him one day, then the next day i'll say hey and not get a relpy.

I dont know what to do. I want to organise to hang out with him, but he nevers answers me , so by the time the weekend comes its too late.

I dont want to cut him out of my life because I love him too much.

Also, ive had feelings for him in the past, and whenever he gets a new lady crush, i get jealous !

I feel so stupid when that happens cause I dont see him often enough to like him, and i dont. but i get so jealous and wish it was me :/

What can I do? I just miss him so much.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Okayyyyyyyy, firstly lemme say I can TOTALLY AND COMPLETLEY relate to you ! I'm going through the same thing ! I went through the same thing when I was in 8th grade and now I'm going through it again.....it's actually hard to cut him out of your life its IMPOSSIBLE ! Because you love him as your bestfriend , and a little more too.....its obvious you care a little more ! Guys can do the most hurtful things it dosen't matter if they are your bestfriend , your brother , or your boyfriend....guys hurt you and when they do its BADand it HURTS ! When you confront him about it you say you feel bad ha I use to feel the same way when I did that to my bestfriend , but don't because he SHOULD feel bad ! HE is the one mistreating YOU not YOU mistreating HIM !!!! So don't feel bad ! He DESERVES to feel bad!!!! You have to learn how to just tell him all of your feelings and just tell him how you feel and he needs to quit avoiding you , and if he dosen't then stop talking to him and give him a wake-up call ! Yes it will be EXTREMLEY HARD!!!!!!!! I went through this in 2010 and now going through it again in 2011!(: I'm a highschooler!(: So I can TOTALLY relate to you ! its not going to be easy , but if you want to be loved a apprericated then you need a bestfriend that will be just that and that will talk to you ! Yes its fine he runs to you when he is in need of help , because thats what bestfriends do , but he needs to be a bestfriend ALL the time , and he is NOT ! You don't need that in your life its VERY UNHEALTHY ! If you wanna you can e-mail me !(: Hope I helped !(: asklaura123@yahoo.com

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  • watley
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    3 years ago

    it's time to diminish your expectancies of Travis to rock-backside for a at the same time as. he's performing like a 5 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous. it rather is going to bypass greater rapidly if human beings give up giving him interest. So steer away from him except he's being intense-high quality. in any different case, act bored. do no longer react to him.

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  • 9 years ago

    Jealousy REALLY REALLY hurts.

    And I know exactly how you feel, I do think he's being a bit of a sucky best friend. THen again, are you perhaps being too clingy? We only know your side of the story, right?

    The very fact that you are in love with him means you can't be "Normal best friends". Sorry but it's true.

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