Favourite movie with Kevin Bacon?

Here is a list of his movies, if you need a memory jog :)

BQ: Kevin Bacon - attractive or weird looking?
Update: @Tase Me Bro, you're in control of your own actions / cravings !
@Alex, Tremors is great :)
Update 2: @AB, have to say - great answer! Tremors, Stir of Echoes and X-Men: First Class are probably my top favourites too. And you answered my BQ! Chief Wiggum (bake 'em away toys) nose or not (haha), I bet you still find him a little bit sexy. He's nice when he's digging in Stir of Echoes.
Update 3: Hello Dan M :) I love that movie Death Sentence! Re-watched it recently and thoroughly enjoyed it the second time around. Would also be in my top favourites (of Kevin Bacon movies) with the previous ones I mentioned. Great choice :)
Update 4: Hello Sainty! Nice choices :)
Hello Maryanne, excellent stuff, good throwing Apollo 13 into the mix :)
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