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Which is better abec 3 bearings or 608 z bearings for skateboards?

plz answer if you have a skateboard and understand the difference

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    The difference is that you are asking which is better a Ford or a truck.

    608 is the standard industrial size spec for bearings used in skates and boards.

    Z indicates a shield.

    All bearings that will fit your board are 608.

    ABEC 3 is an industrial standard for tolerances in the bearing. Higher numbers indicate smaller tolerances and less vibration at high speeds (industrial speeds that are equivalent to a couple hundred miles per hour on your board.

    ABEC numbers are basically meaningless for skates and boards. There is more difference in quality between makers than in ABEC 1 and ABEC 7. The lubricant used in the bearing will have more effect on speed than different ABEC ratings.

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  • 3 years ago

    608z Bearing

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  • birbal
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    3 years ago

    608s Bearing

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