Is ERP like a software, like MS OFFICE and Oracle etc? Which is the most Common ERP version used at most place?

I know ERP Stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it is a kind of SAP. I want to know the most popular and In Demand Software/Version of ERP, to buy, so that I can learn/practice it and get a job where it is required..Is it really worth to learn this software? Is it used and necessary in organizations? Please guide..

Thank you everyone!

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    ERP isn't like a software... it is a LOT MORE like a software;

    a lot more complex, a lot more specialized, a lot more wider.

    think of it as an operating system of tis own.

    in fact, you can't realistically think of being an expert for an ERP on your own.

    except, but even that with limitations, after many many years of practice, having literally grown with the software...

    your best chance is to choose

    - one direction (functional or technical)

    - one specialization

    -- technical: database admin or technical application admin

    -- functional... well, either application manager or whatever functions the package you are interested in offers (accounting, manufacturing, CRM, logistics aso.)

    no matter what your choice finally is, once you are commuted to one (e.g. Oracle DBA for SAP) you will have to remain working for that unless you are willing to change to a less senior position.

    very leading products aside SAP are:

    - Oracle eBusiness Suite (currently release R12, but 11i is still common too)

    - m$ dynamics

    - Oracle bought up pretty much all of the remaining (big) competitors, like J.D.Edwards, Sybel and Peoplesoft but still supports them as independent products

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    • kunal8 months agoReport

      In most of the industry SAP ERP is demand. This is because of its various features and qualities. SAP are a leading ERP Software. You will successfully transition the growth of business. Recently I got SAP implemented in my business with the help from Accelon, an SAP ERP partner company.

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