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Lina asked in Games & RecreationGambling · 10 years ago

First time California lotto player!!?

Today I bought two lotto tickets with a friend. One was for the Mega Millions while the other was for the Ca super lotto. We understood the picking the numbers part but I need help figuring a few things out. I know that both games draw numbers two times a week, but will I be able to use my numbers on both the drawings? Or are they good for just one drawing? On the website it said there were 4 chances to win so it kinda confused me. I also saw the advanced play option which means I could play the numbers more than once, but I wasn't sure if it was free or cost more. If it cost more about how much?

Also, I was wondering if it was worth it to claim a winning if i only got one number right?

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    If the website advertises that there are "4 chances to win," it is just an advertising technique to try to get you to buy the tickets. They mean that there is 4 different ways to win (like matching 3 numbers, or matching 4 numbers, or matching 5 numbers, or matching 6 numbers, etc.). A ticket is only valid for a single draw. The date of the draw is printed right on your ticket.

    In California, the lottery winnings are pari mutuel. This means that rather than being paid a set amount for your win, the amount of winnings is determined based on the number of players and the number of winners. This means that a win is worth different amounts at different times. There is no way to know for sure how much your a win will be worth.

    However, based on previous experiences, a match of three numbers in the CA Super Lotto pays approximately $5. A claim that is this small can be made at any place that sells lottery. The time it takes to process the claim is similar to the time it would take to buy a piece of gum at a gas station. Whether or not that's worth claiming is up to you. I always claim all of my winnings.

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    One dollar is good for one number and one drawing. If you want to play the same number for 2 consecutive draws, you have to pay 2 dollars. If you want to play the same number for 20 consecutive draws, you have to pay 20 dollars.

    If you want to play 2 numbers for one draw, you pay 2 dollars. 20 numbers for one draw, you pay 20 dollars.

    Any ticket that wins less than 600 dollars can be redeemed at any lottery retailer. More than 600, you have to mail or go to the nearest lottery district office. Whether it is worth your time to redeem a one dollar winning is up to you. Typically, the whole process takes less than 2 or 3 minutes. I always redeem my winning, even though it is just one dollar. Money is money and you can use your winning to buy another ticket and hope for better luck next time.

    Source(s): Good luck for your numbers. Hope you win
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