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difference between a paramedic and a nurse?


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    Connecticut or in general the US?

    The Paramedic is a technical certificate specializing in prehospital emergency care. No degree is required and after completing the EMT-Basic, it takes only about 1000 hours of additional hours to be a Paramedic. It consists of a few specific skills and medications with a very tight scope of practice.

    In 2012 Connecticut will follow this scope of practice model. It is very specific.

    Connecticut BON scope is broad.

    The RN requires at least the equivalent of an Associates degree consisting of at least two years of college with an additional year of prerequisites. However, Connecticut is one of the states that would like to make the Bachelors (BSN) the minimum. RNs get a broad overview of the sciences and medicine with more pathophysiology and pharmacology than Paramedics. After they finish their degree, they may do an extensive internship of up to 6 months in a specialty area such as critical care or emergency medicine. They may also under the guidance of a preceptor for a year to ensure proficiency. With their base education they can also special in Critical Care Transport and Flight Medicine. Most RNs have an extensive scope of practice which will allow them to intubate, place central lines and many other skills which a Paramedic can not and they will have direct critical care patient experience to compliment their skills. Paremedics in general will not be able to work in an ICU as a primary care provider but can transport critical care patients under a limited scope of practice. An RN may accompany those outside of their scope or a specialty team will be utilized with the appropriate professionals including RNs, RRTs, MDs, PAs and NPs.

    RNs can also go on to become Advanced Practice Nurses and Nurse Practitioners along with many opportunities to specialize in a variety of areas of medicine and utilize many, many skills along with the appropriate education.

    Examples of education for Connecticut:

    Paramedic cert:

    In Texas it only takes a little over 600 hours to become a Paramedic.

    Also, each state does it own thing for EMS titles and certification tests.




    Examples of general proficiencies:

    Flight RN (note that the Paramedic considered an additional certificate which other professionals can take an abbreviated course to get or an RN can sometimes challenge the exam.)

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    Teex Paramedic

  • Apples and oranges. Two totally different professions and

    job descriptions.

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