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Should I tryout for my school's tennis team?

I don't have any tennis experience and have never played before. I've only played Badminton. Tryouts are this week so I don't really have time to practice. D: Do you think that I have a chance of making it to the girls tennis team? :)

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    Go for it! :) Tennis is an amazing sport. I can't totally say that badminton really prepares you for it because it's much slower. But the idea is there. On my tennis team half the girls didn't know how to play. My coach teaches them all and they all got to play JV matches. Another story- my friend who is a junior plays first singles (the best on the team) had never picked up a racquet in her life and caught on quickly :) To prepare- obviously you can't learn how to play tennis in a week. I suggest going for a few runs (coaches are really impressed if you are in shape) also, watch tennis. there is ALWAYS something on! Try the tennis channel 838 on comcast. Or just look up clips on youtube.

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    Absolutely, tennis is an awesome sport and you have nothing to lose being a beginner. If your afraid you wont make it just remember to keep the ball in play and not double fault during the tryouts. You will do fine if you can play badminton since that takes more hand eye cordination than tennis does, although tennis takes a bit more racquet control.

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    In a way, tennis and badminton are similar, so I'd say if you're good at badminton, there's a fairly good chance you'll be good at tennis. If you're interested in being on the tennis team, go right ahead and try out. It never hurt anyone to try.

    Good luck!(: xoxo

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    They are pretty much the same concept except the tennis net is lower. The strokes may be a little different feeling since you need to put topspin on a tennis ball but really it's the same type of thing. You may not be the best player but if you make it you're obviously good enough so go for it.

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    The truth is tennis is entirely different from badminton, table tennis or squash. you might be a good player of badminton even if you play it the first time but tennis needs practice and skill and that you realize as you jump in the court and play your first stroke. But you might consider reading good guides and lectures at

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    i tried out for tennis for school when i just starting playing it. that there is not many people who tried out for tennis so i automatics made the team. badminton helps you little bit knowledge on tennis since rules are similar. so it never hurts to try out.

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    well most players on the high school tennis team in my community have been playing for much more then a year, but if you know how to spin a ball that should help you since your fast think about track or a running team/club

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    Depends on how good the people are on the tennis team. Who knows? You may actually make it in.

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    You never know until you try. you should practice with your friends before the tryouts and hopefully you will make it. there are other people who are in worser situation than you are .so TRY!

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  • It wouldn't hurt, and you might have fun with it. If you don't do well, quit. You might've heard "You never know unless you try," but it really fits your situation. Good luck:)

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