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New Jersey to North Carolina?

Ever since I was younger I've wanted to move to North Carolina...but I don't know what it will be like? I heard that a lot of people down south aren't very welcoming to 'yankees' but I'm not sure if it's just a stereotype like people from Jersey are orange (don't say otherwise...its where I live and I'm white as a friggin ghost). What are the major cultural differences as well?

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  • 10 years ago
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    NortH Carolina is just absolutely amazing. I moved there from Michigan then moved back to Michigan, but I am moving back the second I graduate. Trust me you will absolultely love North Carolina. I met some of my best friends there. Not being welcoming to yankees is sort of a stereotype. If southerners came to Michigan then some people would call them rednecks, well you might encounter a couple of the real down home people who won't welcome you with arms wide open. Overall NC is just beautiful, you have the mountains in the west, the beach on the east. The weather is amazing, the sky is so blue on some days, hence the color carolina blue. It rarely snows there, and when it does people panic, schools shut down, even if its not even an inch. You'll love it!

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    10 years ago

    I was in a similar situation as you, moving from the Northeast to NC. Keep in mind, NC is a big state and I can almost guarantee various parts of NC can be quite different from each other in terms of people, culture etc. I moved to the "Triad" area of NC, sort of between Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Culturally, its so vastly different from NJ that I can't even begin where to start.

    People's accents here range from a slight southern drawl to complete incoherent nonsense. Its strange because, you get a lot of variance with it even in the same general area. The way people pronounce and enunciate words here is worlds away from the Northeast.

    You can expect some slight adversity being a "Yankee" here. Nothing major, but people will occasionally poke fun at it. They will definitely stereotype you for being from NJ. Traditionally, southern people have a bit of pride in their "Rebel" heritage and scoff at anything outside of that. Which is strange because, I see tons of cars adorned with NY Yankees stuff and I doubt anymore than 5% are actual transplants.

    Sports are pretty big here nonetheless but, opposite of the North, college sports are almost an obsession. NC boasts a huge rivalry between the Tarheels and the Blue Devils in college basketball. NC is so divided about it its crazy. In the North there is way less interest in college sports that even if there is a discord between what teams people like, there is always a common bond over living the home team in pro sports. Here, all the pro teams are terrible and there is little fanfare for them (I would be surprised if more than 60% of people here knew they have a pro hockey team). Keep in mind, the fact that all the pro teams are so bad makes for excellent jabs when people start calling you a Yank.

    Southern Hospitality can be pretty hit or miss, too. Some people can be extremely nice, others can be exceptionally rude, like NY style nasty. I think it pretty much depends how and where you were raised. Some of people in more urban areas can be difficult, others in the more country type areas can be a bit more laid back.

    People seem to be much less eccentric than Northern folk, I don't know if its the more conservative upbringings or what but, there seem to be far less unique people around here versus the northeast.

    Ultimately, if you are serious about moving to NC you need to take a long vacation here, mingle with the people and travel the state. It is quite different, and if you don't get a feel for it beforehand, you may end up quite culture shocked and homesick.

  • 10 years ago

    North Carolina is amazing! That could just be some people who aren't very welcoming... but most people are very kind. There is lots of green, lush scenery and a great place to live.

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