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BVW presents Raw Episode #26. Rate the matches and the show?

June 25, 2012

**Tonight on Raw, NXT Rookie Xavier Woods gets his United States Title shots against Vladimir Kozlov

**Also in the main event WWE Champ Kurt Angle and Nigel McGuinness wrestle the team of Daniel Bryan and John Cena!

Match 1-Singles:

Ezekiel Jackson d. Kofi Kingston via submission after Kofi tapped out to the Torture Rack

Segment #1: A black 2011 Hyundai Coupe arrive and United States Champion steps out of the driver's door. He fixes his suit, and pulls out his US Title and luggage out of the trunk. He enters the building and is met by Mick Foley who needs to tell him something. Tonight, not only will NXT rookie Xavier Woods get his title shot but immediately after the winner of that match, whoever it might be, needs to defend the title immediately against both the Hardcore Champ The Miz and Evan Bourne. Mick Foley wishes Vladimir Kozlov lucks and tells him to be on his way.

BEFORE THE MATCH: Chris Jericho kindly reminded us that at Money in the Bank he will be the winning the WWE Title from Kurt Angle.

Match 2-Interpromotional Singles:

Chris Jericho d. Zack Ryder via pinfall after the Codebreaker

Segment #2: Xavier Woods is doing squats and push ups in the back as Hardcore Champion The Miz approaches him. The Miz tells him that if he is lucky enough to win the US Title he will easily lose it to him in the match after. Xavier Woods laughs, and tells him the his words mean nothing to him. He is going to go out there right now and do his best, the fans will always get his best. The Miz wants to say something else, but Xavier stuffs his wrist band in his mouth and walks off.

**Promo rolls on the Beat the Clock Challenge Series that has been happening on NXT the last two weeks culminatin with Xavier Woods winning and earning a US Title shot here tonight.

Match 3-United States Title Match:

Vladimir Kozlov(c) d. NXT Rookie Xavier Woods via pinfall after the Iron Curtain to RETAIN the US Title

**Promo rolls on Mick Foley telling Vladimir Kozlov that the winner of the US Title match would have to defend his title immediately after against Hardcore Champ The Miz and Evan Bourne

Match 4-United States Title Match:

Evan Bourne d. Vladimir Kozlov(c) and Hardcore Champ The Miz via pinfall after the Air Bourne on The Miz to WIN the US TitleSingles

Segment #3: After the match, the new United States Champion Evan Bourne gives The Miz another Air Bourne. Vladimir leaves followed by Evan who raises his new title at the top of the ramp. As The Miz slowly gets up, Sheamus runs to the ring with a referee. Sheamus kills The Miz with a Brogue Kick, and pins him to WIN the Hardcore Title!

Segment #4: The World's Greatest Tag Team is in the ring. Charlie Haas says that at Wild Card they were cheated, meaning that The Briscoes cheated to keep their Tag Titles. The crowd boos. Charlie says that they knew they were the better team that night and should be the tag team champs right now. Shelton grabs the mic and says that they set something up though that Mick Foley granted. At Money in the Bank, The Briscoes will need to defend their Tag Titles against them in a No DQ, Pinfalls Anywhere Match! There's no running now, and to show that they're serious. They will be wrestling in a No DQ, Pinfalls Anywhere Match right now!

Match 5-Tag Team:

The World's Greatest Tag Team(Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) d. The Usos(Jey and Jimmy) via pinfall after the Broken Arrow on Jey when he was set up on a concession stand in the main lobbies

**Money in the Bank Flashback: Money in the Bank 2010; Kane won the SD MiTB only to cash it in on Rey Mysterio an hour later to win the World Title! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERWI8Nj4hYc

Youtube thumbnail

Match 6-Tag Team:

WWE Champ Kurt Angle and Nigel McGuinness d. Daniel Bryan and John Cena via submission after Bryan tapped out to the Ankle Lock(Kurt's)

Segment #5: After the match, Kurt raises Nigel's arm in victory followed by Nigel raising his. John Cena chargers at them but they toss him out of the ring. Kurt Angle celebrates with his WWE Title while Nigel looks on. Kurt gets off the turnbuckle. Nigel points to the title and does a title gesture around his waist. Kurt laughs, and wishes him luck. Kurt raises the WWE title again as we fade to black....

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    Best Matches:

    1) Kurt Angle and Nigel McGuinness vs. Bryan Danielson and John Cena

    2) The World's Greatest Tag Team vs. The Uso Brothers

    3) Ezekiel Jackson vs. Kofi Kingston

    Best Promos:

    1) Segment #4

    2) Segment #5

    Great Episode

    Overall Rating: 9.6/10

    TV Rating: 4.1

    Ranking: 96%


    Matches: A+

    Segments: B

    Overall Show: A

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  • Ric F
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    9 years ago

    ( Match 1 ) - 4/10 No way Kingston would tap out to Ezekiel Jackson

    ( Match 2 ) - 9/10 im pretty sure Zack would win, i mean this guy has that much talent we just dont get to see it.

    ( Match 3 ) - 0/10 why does a rookie deserve a shot at a championship

    ( Match 4 ) - 2/10 what?! Miz doesnt win the US Title by being pinned by Bourne? Really? Really? Really?!

    ( Match 5 ) - 5/10 The Usos? oh yeah that shows they mean business

    ( Main Event ) - 5/10 I think Angle vs. Cena wouldnt have been just as good, no better.

    -----Overall: 4/10

    once again your ratings are dropping. My Advice: Not everybody deserves a championship match, especially not a championship

    word to the wise

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  • kohel
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    4 years ago

    ( tournament a million ) 3/10 you may as nicely merely hearth David Hart Smith like WWF did. ( tournament 2 ) 4/10 That torture rack is made to look a lot greater painful than it rather is ( tournament 3 ) 0/10 considering which you place this, i choose to work out Vladimir Kozlov(c) vs. Evan Bourne ( tournament 4 ) 5/10 Theres a reason Sin Cara has been out of action, and it wasnt the powerbomb on the ladder ( important journey ) 9/10 Sheamus could kill Jericho, reliable important journey nonetheless -----usual: 4/10 attempt to function one greater tournament, i think of that could desire to strengthen issues, try putting Eric youthful right into a tournament i desire him and human beings seem to desire him too. word to the smart

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