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Do you dispute billionaire Warren Buffett recently saying taxes should be raised on the super-rich?

I would think that people would respect his opinion and at least would be open minded enough to see why he said this, so please read the article in the link below. Then let me know if you agree/disagree and why. Thanks.


@Freedom Fighter -- I had looked at about 12 answers and was enjoying them. Then I came to yours. First, why are you so angry? If this question takes you to this level, I'd hate to see you if someone gets your order wrong at a restaurant. Here's the answer to your question as to why I "would post this crap." Read your own Y!A name. I'm free to post what I choose without violating community guidelines. It's MY right, MY business, and not yours. Get it?

Update 2:

@wichitaor1 -- Yes. My sis and I were talking about how $250,000 shouldn't be a starting point for a tax increase. I agree with you. On this, though, I do agree with Buffett.

Update 3:

@Jenna Talia -- Buffett has given away billions in charities and causes. Billions!

Update 4:

@Jenna Talia -- Buffett has given away billions in charities and causes. Billions!

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    our current system of funnelling all the money to the rich and not taxing them is unsustainable

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    Buffett as a businessman knows a government with no revenues will face a breakdown.He also knows American business needs protection from business in foreign lands so called US and otherwise take an unfair market share of profits from American citizens with no patriotic give back in taxes or savings or jobs.

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    I totally agree with him. You would think people would listen to the guy. He's rich and should know. It's sad when the super rich are less greedy than people in Washington....meaning Republicans.

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    I have for many years favored a fixed percentage-of-income tax rate to be universally applied equally to all taxpayers. No matter how much income you earn, X% would be paid by all no matter what economic class you are in.

    As far as what Buffett and his peers allege, their opinions should certainly be taken into consideration when determining what that percentage of income rate of taxation should be. After all, they have to manage more income in a week than what we less financially endowed do in a lifetime -- in some cases.

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    Read this earlier, and I agree. I was stunned about the Wall Market part. amazing.

    Got kick out of the answer above where he said he is poor and only makes 30 thousand a year. Actually compared to alot of people today, He is quite well off.

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    Warren Buffett is just pushing liberal policy. If he really wanted to make a contribution to our country, he would round up a few billion dollars and send them to Washington. When taxes are raised, he can just evade taxes like he and his friends usually do.

    A flat tax that eliminates all deductions would solve the issue that Buffett has, of the rich not paying enough in taxes. While he can just move his money overseas and utilize loopholes, a flat tax would mean that everyone would pay the same percentage of their income with no loopholes. This would increase tax revenues.

    Soaking the rich doesn't work. Even if you took all the money from all the billionaires and millionaires, it wouldn't get our government through the year.

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    First of all the ultra rich keep all their money over seas and are not taxed which is why the ultra rich call for higher taxes. The higher the taxes the more money the lower class rich have to pay and the lower class rich with a business will have to raise prices and lose business to the ultra rich that can charge less because they have their money overseas and aren't paying the taxes.

    The ultra rich calling for higher taxes is nothing but them using government to shut down their competition. Its good old fascism and nothing more.

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    He is spot on as usual. Raising the threshold to $1 million incomes kills the Republican counter that thousands of small businesses will be affected. I'm sure Republicans still won't go for it. They signed their little pledge cards to Norquist and they are all terrified of primary challenges by Tea Party. Keeping their own jobs is more important to them than really fixing the deficit.

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    Then, as Pat Buchannan suggests, he and his super-rich pals that feel they are under taxed should set an example, and cut some checks to the US Gov't. No need to wait for the legislation. You are always free to pay extra in taxes, not claim so many deductions, etc.

  • 8 years ago

    i dispute anyone who thinks the govt should take more from the successful. i won't demand my neighbor to give me a cut of his check because he makes more than me. he earned it. i didn't. it's that simple.

  • 8 years ago

    No I don't dispute it.

    He 100% predicted the global financial crisis back in 2003 -

    Hopefully now, people will have learned to listen to him.

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