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Need high upload speed in uk?

I need a upload speed that is around 5meg please someone answer i have been looking around for weeks.

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    You'll need Fiber Optics for that. Copper wire just won't do.

    Look up BT Infinity they have a

    Virgin Media’s 50Mb service claming 5 meg upload

    Just watch out for the monthly limits though. You should get one that offers unlimited download/upload.

    BT has an unlimited wi-fi package

    5 meg upload huh, hmmm why so much. Unless you are running a server, that's alot. If you are running a server, be sure to check with the ISP before purchasing to make sure they allow that. They might drop you. But I suppose since they do offer real fast upload speeds it may not be a problem with them.

    There are a few different ones available. see sources for speeds and pricing.

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    You need a special DSL line for this, not ADSL.

    You will probably have to ask ISPs for this, not just rely on what they advertise on their websites.

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