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God Help Me. 7 Week Old Son Fights Sleep ALL The Time?

Our little bundle of joy does not seem to need to sleep as the normal babes of the same age. My husband and I are at our wits end. The Peds doc tells us that our baby boy is "training" us...i.e; Baby screams, mom and dad come running...so the cycle starts?

Anyways, we have tried the swing (he screams in it), A sling, (when he realizes that he is "confined" when he wakes up, he screams bloody murder). Rocking, cuddling, feedings, singing, mobiles, white noise, swaddling, you name it.

I just don't see how a 7 week old baby can go without naps and actual sleeping. My first boy was easy to get to sleep, this time, it is payback or something.

I haven't really slept in two months. I could not sleep a month before delivery because the little man kicked me "down below" as soon as I would lay down. I do mean kick and punch hard too. In fact, it only took me 4 pushes to have him. An easy delivery this time. But seriously, any advice? Why does it seem like he is actually getting "mad" when put down? He is so happy when being carried around on our shoulder. You would not believe it.

On the good side, he is quite advanced in other ways, visual, smiling, already has been holding his head up since birth, (no, I am not kidding), and is already scooting and pushing himself up with his little baby push-ups.


Thank you, in advance!


Ha ha, sorry for the late reply but he woke up angry again and I had to go comfort him back to sleep. I did NOT pick him up though.

You guys will not believe this but he actually wakes UP for car rides. He LOVES them. I tried that last night again and as soon as we got outside, his big blue eyes opened up to look straight at the moon and sky. He was quiet in the car seat for about 20 minutes, even though he was wide awake looking out the windows, then he started screaming and fighting his safety belts.

His formula was changed to Soy and he does not have Colic. He honestly is getting mad at being put down and not "held". LOL

I would agree but since he stops screaming always when picked up, that tells you something.

I mean, I have to do things like use the bathroom and eat! LOL

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    There could be a couple of reasons why he is not sleeping properly. A child's behaviour never comes without a reason.

    The first I would try to figure out is if he is having cramps, which could be from something you ate if you are breastfeeding.

    If it is nothing physical, then watch your routine closely and be consequent with it.

    For instance, always the same steps in putting him down for his nap, and never, neever turn on the light or open the curtains if you go back n check on him, because he is screaming.

    A logical thing is that he is comforted by your heartbeat, hence so comfi when carried, this is something you could replace by 'patting' him as he lays down in his cot, and maybe singing a song that also has rhythm.

    I would not start any routines that you might get stuck on later, as in sitting for years on the washingmachine or letting him fall asleep on your arms.

    Letting a tape of soothing 'babymusic'play in his room can also work.

    But make sure you stick to that routine and to his own bed, letting him know by visual and audiocues that it is sleeptime (ie. opening the curtain or turning a light on is a cue for him that it is time to be close, and he will be reminded of that)

    Also check his feeding routine, mite be he is getting hungry when you put him down.

    For the moment this is all I could think of. Hope it helps

    Source(s): milliemollie (childcare professional)
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  • Johnna
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    You didn't ask a question. Is your question for us to pray for you. Everything happens for a reason. It's great that you kept trying and hopefully you do have a son. And another thing when you're in your early 40s more likely but not always your child could have some birth defects. But I'm not wishing that on you or anything just some advice. But keep praying and I hope he's healthy. And your in laws should accept all of your kids no matter what. Even if you and your husband were to get a divorce those kids will still be their family by blood. They need to get over themselves and appreciate what they have and treat everyone as they want to be treated. Best Wishes and Good Luck

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  • Anonymous
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    It's going to sound silly, but did you try sitting down with him on top of the dryer? Or put him in the car and drive around the block? Some babies go down like a rock from those rhythmic purring sounds.

    Seems like you tried everything else already, that's about the only thing I can think of. Good luck!

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    I believe in his ability to hold up his head...my daughter did at birth as well, crazy, but cool.

    Do you nurse or bottle feed? I had to nurse my daughter to sleep for the first two months, or she wouldnt stay asleep. I would nurse her to sleep, continue rocking and singing, and then I would lay her in her carseat (I notice you didnt say you tried this yet...). Its the only place my daughter would sleep. She wouldnt sleep in her crib. Doctor said it was okay to put her in her carseat (which I then sat in the crib) because she possibly had gas and sleeping upright helped her pass it while sleeping without waking up. I wouldnt buckle her in. I would lay a small blanket over the straps and lay her on it.

    Try that. I hope something works for you soon.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I hate to say this but let him sleep with a bottle i eventually gave up and that's how i got my daughter to sleep. Also she HATED her crib so craddles were amazing! Good luck!

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  • 9 years ago

    Have you tried driving him around in a car? running stroller?

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