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What is your favorite meal to cook?

What is your favorite food to cook? Does making it bring back any memories? What is your gender?

I love making chili. I know a lot of labor intensive things that I like to eat more, but something about chili on the stove screams a cold winter day with my parents and sisters.

Also, ginger snaps. I used to make them for my baby sis while we were growing up. they were her fav.

Oh! Yeh, female. :)

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    I smother chicken down with broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, onions, spices, and carrots in butter served over rice with hot buttered cornbread and southern iced tea. I also make a dish of smothered green beans with bacon and potatoes served over rice. My sound gross to people outside of the south but it is all finger licking good. ~ Female

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    Mmm, my universal is a baked dinner. Take a decrease of meat (I desire chicken or turkey) and a few vegetables (potato, candy potato, pumpkin, perhaps some garlic or carrot). Season properly, chuck interior the oven and prepare dinner fairly slowly (the superb grew to become into chicken in an ovenproof bag, cooked for around 3 hours on like a hundred and fifty C). Then because of the fact the beef is resting, you get the pan juices, combination in somewhat flour (or gravy powder, if it fairly is your element) and make some gravy. i might have it like each evening if it did not take so long and it wasn't so warm!

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    Just made a big ole batch of biscuits and sausage gravy this weekend... My favorite, and my daughter's request...=)

    I LOVE to fix chili, too. I also love a big ole pot of beef stew for those cold winter days.


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    Female and I like making home made soup, chicken, fish, shrimp,

    baking goodies; once in a great while.

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  • 9 years ago

    Right now it's pizza. I've just discovered that I do a pretty good job with it and love experimenting with different ways to top it.

  • Vodka Stroganoff - without the Stroganoff! (hangs head in shame - yeah - you got me - I stole that from Moresky in Life'sAZoo.com)....

    EDITS:- I make a mean Thai Tom Yum Goong.....love that spicy stuff - and a great Indian curry.... bake the best pies and cherry pies - ask my kids.....and a fabulous hot pot.....excellent roast beef.....

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    Southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes w/gravy, collard greens and biscuits. One of my favorites to make.

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    Thanksgiving dinner. It's when my children all come to dinner and feast on their favorites.


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    Texas Hash cooked with a little whiskey.


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