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Is Ellen Pompeo leaving grey's anatomy?

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    Well her contract is up this season as well as Patric Dempsey. Neither had really confirmed that they were not coming back but neither confirmed that they are.

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    Ellen Pompeo Leaving Greys

  • 8 years ago

    Both Patrick & Ellen have indicated that they might not renew their contracts but PD has also stated that he hasn't been offered a renewal contract and is not sure ABC has decided whether or not there will be a season 9. Shonda insists there will be many more seasons but ABC has already indicated that DH will end after the next season and could well cancel GA as well. The majority of the fan base would be at risk if PD & EP left the show.

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    she leaves in season 8. So somewhat gray's is complete then. yet seem on the vibrant area, we nevertheless have season 6 and seven and eight till that's all performed. I basically wish no person else leaves throughout the time of that factor.

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  • 8 years ago

    Doubtful. How can you have Grey's Anatomy without "Grey"?

    Although since they've added Lexie, i guess you still could....

    Definitely haven't heard anything about her leaving but to be honest, i wouldn't be sad if she did. She's probably my least favorite character-- despite the fact that she's the lead.

    The show has just changed so much in the last couple years. I still really enjoy it but wonder how much longer it'll last.

  • 8 years ago

    There've been no reports that I've heard about her leaving, but this will be Patrick Dempsey's last season.

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