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How to convince parents to get braces?

want them, 4 top teeth ,moved slightly, and 6 on bottom, 2 coming out, 2 going back ,and 1 going ahead of over and very noticable for all on bottom,

my parents say, no your teeth arent that bad, theyll get fixed by themselves ,when ur jaw gets bigger, im 14, and it hurts to much , leave it , were not gonan get them hurt to much , i want them, money is no problem and so isnt time, we have no medical plan, well it doesnt cover braces, how muhc will it cost ,and how to convince them?sorry for grammar

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    ---I'm 14 too, and had braces on for 2 years now, I tell you, it's not fun. It really is a lot of work to maintain them.

    ---If your teeth are very displaced and if your case is major, you should really get braces before too late.

    ---Your parents are totally wrong, sorry, but no way that your teeth are going to get fixed by themselves, you can wait all your life it'll never happen. Even when your jaw's bigger, your teeth will still not be straight. (proof: look at the number of adults with not straight teeth, they didn't get fixed by themselves, did they?)

    ---If money is not a problem, then why not? try to explain to your parents that today's world is all on looks. No matter what, you can't deny that we all judge and get judged on our looks, and straight teeth is always a winning look. You could become very self-conscious and lose self-confidence for this aspect of yourself.

    ---If you have to get braces, GET THEM NOW! The sooner the better, because orthodontics are usually more effective when you are growing then when you finished to grow, and sometimes adults have to get surgeries during their treatment. If you can change the look of your teeth without a whole bunch of problems, now is the time. Not later.

    ---A whole orthodontic treatment costs depending on what you have to get fixed. Usually it's around 4000 to 9000$, maybe less, but mine was 7000$ for braces and an orthodontic appliance called Mara.

    ---Whatever, try to explain to your parents how much this is important to you, and if you really want them try to do some compromises (ex: If you get me braces you won't have to buy me a whole bunch of expensive things on my birthday or Christmas...etc.)

    ---Good luck :)

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