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Jesus asked in HealthOther - Health · 10 years ago

What medical marijuana has the highest THC potency?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Don't listen to anyone who tells you a precise name or strand that contains the most THC. Levels of THC in marijuana range. I am daily smoker so trust me on this. if you want weed that is good and potent you should try something like piff or haze, kush, or sour diesel which are easier to come by rather then searching for white widow and other exotic weed that might be harder to come by. But all the strands listed are way stronger the reg or monk weeds. Hope this has helped

  • 4 years ago

    confer with somebody who has a brother who has smoked pot on a daily basis for two decades and is now tormented by severe psychological subject concerns. no longer many human beings smoke as in lots of circumstances or as much as he does, so because it truly is probable why you do no longer pay attention approximately it plenty. Google 'marijuana psychosis' and you will understand what i'm asserting. My very own stance, even after having a brother bypass completely insane, is that it is going to possibly be decriminalized - no room in our budgets to place non-violent human beings at the back of bars whilst in certainty that maximum pot human beings who smoke are efficient individuals of society. do exactly no longer smoke the stuff for 2 many years right this moment. finally end up working around bare on Christmas Eve having to be constrained by using your 2 different brothers whilst your spouse is hiding the youngsters upstairs so as that they do no longer see daddy 'dancing'.

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