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Lucky Loser Vs Qualifier?

Looking ahead to the Women’s Western & Southern Open, I see that Qualifier Petra Martic could possibly face MJ Martinez in the third round. Petra is a qualifier, and MJ is a Lucky Loser. As it turns out, Petra was the one who knocked out MJ in qualifying. I was just wondering if a Lucky Loser has ever faced in the main draw the qualifier who beat them in qualifying?



The draw I'm looking at has qualifiers already in place, and it shows that petra and MJ can face each other in the third round.

Update 2:

In terms of who makes it as a lucky loser, in most tournaments the highest ranked Qualifier who made it to the last round of qualifying but lost, makes it in. I believe this is different for grand slams where it may be a draw? Someone would need to verify.

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    Very interesting question :-)

    The main draw I clicked on didn't have the qualifiers placed in it yet. Does yours? What place is MJ in the main draw is Martinez Sanchez going into?

    I believe the term "lucky loser" stems from the fact that the player is selected *randomly* from a list of players who went out in the quallies. Therefore, the #1 seed in the qualifying draw, Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez, *might* be picked [if a seeded player in the main draw withdraws for some reason], but she also might NOT be picked.

    I saw 24 seeded players in the qualifying draw. Some got through; other didn't.

    Question: Does the tournament director ONLY choose lucky losers from seeded qualifying players, or can any losing player from the qualifying draw be chosen?

    If anyone knows more about this, please add a post. Thanks.

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    Yes Wozniak beat Stosur in the qualifying round of some tournament. Stosur got a LL and they faced again in the QF I believe and Wozniak beat Stosur again.

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    MJ is facing Russia's Ekaterina Makarova.

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    It would almost be like revenge a few days later, haha, It would be interesting.

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