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What is a dBA in noise?

I was looking at case fans and under noise it said dBA and I was wondering what that means. Is one dBA the same a decibel and is 20 dBA enough to damage your ears if you have to hear it all day

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    Hi. The dB scale is weighted based on audio factors. Wait a sec... From the web...

    "dB(A), dB(B), and dB(C)

    These symbols are often used to denote the use of different weighting filters, used to approximate the human ear's response to sound, although the measurement is still in dB (SPL). These measurements usually refer to noise and noisome effects on humans and animals, and are in widespread use in the industry with regard to noise control issues, regulations and environmental standards. Other variations that may be seen are dBA or dBA. According to ANSI standards, the preferred usage is to write LA = x dB. Nevertheless, the units dBA and dB(A) are still commonly used as a shorthand for A-weighted measurements. Compare dBc, used in telecommunications."

    From Wiki...

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