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where do right sides go for rotation?

like ya kno, a 6-2 rotation, when the other team is serving theres spread and stack, where do i go while the other team is serving? please

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    Rotation One: You are in position 4. You pull back to pass in left back.

    Rotation Two: You are in 3. This one depends on who pulls back to pass. If the middle pulls back (less likely) then you will stack on the left with the outside. If the outside pulls back on the left, you will probably stack on the right with the middle or stay about 2/3 left on the court and pass short.

    Rotation Three: You are in 2. Pull back to pass in 1. In some situations the coach may have you set the first ball so that you don't have to sacrifice the best passers for an easy route for the setter.

    Rotation Four: You are in position 1 and pass in position 1.

    Rotation Five: You're in 6 and pass in 6.

    Rotation Six: You are in 5 and pass in 5.

    It's really simple; you'll pick it up! Hope this helps!

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    there is no specific spot to go to. most coaches will tell you what the serve receive pattern is beforehand. but for the most part, the setter is hidden or pulled up and someone from the front row will pull back and pass. your coach may want only certain people passing though. i know that on my team there are points when there are only two people passing because the setter is pulled up and the front row just passes short balls.

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