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How rare would my name be?

I am a girl and I am almost twelve years old, going to sixth grade. My real name is Kertle. Everyone says they have never heard of my name before. How rare is the name "Kertle?"


Thanks for all the answers, :) I appreciate it. I know my name is very rare. I have never met someone with the name Kertle. It does sound kind of weird. And my middle name is surprisingly Anne. My first name is rare, yet my middle name is common. Kind of weird, right?

Update 2:

Yeah... I don't think I want to make a sandwich, and it is real. I don't think it is stupid, thanks for any nice answers, again!

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    OMGOMGOMG!!! MY NAME IS KERTLE TOO!! I have never met someone with that name EVER!! My middle name is weird though... It's Kertle Jacelyn. I got my name because my moms name is Kerrie and My grandmas name is Talia. So they made Kertle? Idk. I'd choose Kalia or something lol. Jacelyn is my dad Jace and grandpa Lyn mixed.. I go by Kate though. Because who wants to live with being called Kertle for my whole life? I am thinking about changing my name to Kate though.

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    Hey, Kertle! Cool name! It sounds pretty awesome to me, although I have never heard of it. I searched it on name statistics so I can help you out and tell you exactly how rare it is, and it says your name is very rare. Maybe there are some other Kertles out there. Almost sure there are, someplace in the world! By the way, I am already twelve years old and I finished 6th grade, just giving you a heads up, 6th grade is kind of hard to get used to! Hope I helped with everything. Yeah, cool name! :D

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    I have never hear it... it is pretty though...

    I have a rare name too, Cullin ;)

    Embrace the rare names :p !

    Ohh and dont call her name stupid, not real and don't make her make you a sandwich...?

    It is obviously a name because it is her name! You could name someone Orange if you wanted to! It is cool soo shuddup!

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    Very rare. Cute thou.

  • 9 years ago

    Pretty rare.

  • 9 years ago

    It's rare, I've never heard it

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    is say pretty rare.. maybe it just dpends on the area you live. you might find its more common in another country. Look it up online and find its origins.

    ive never heard it before..

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    I haven't ever heard of the name before, but I kinda like it actually. It sounds like a mix between turtle and kernel. Turtles are my best friend's favorite animal and kernels are from popcorn which is awesome. I like the name Kertle. I wonder what your middle name is? :)

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    very rare

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