Liza Minnelli never sings her moms Songs why?

Okay for those of us who know Liza Minnelli is a famous singer/actress she won numerous awards she a part of the egot club emmy grammy oscar and tony and her mother was the legendary singer/actress Judy Garland , who is probablly most known for her role as Dorthy Gale in The wizard of oz and she was in meet me in st. louis and a star is born. I am fan of both Minnelli and Garland and I wonder why she does not sing her mothers songs its strange she never sings over the rainbow the man that got away ,the trolley song , she did sing a little part of over the rainbow she did sing the man that got away and the trolley song but since she is Judy's daughter it would be nice to hear her sing those songs in her mothers honor and I know she may be emotional about her mother because her mother made me cry too , she was such a beautiful singer and a good vibrato and tone and vocal range so beautiful, but do you think one day she will sing her mothers songs. Also in an interview ounce she said she does not singer mothers songs "because they have been sung".

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  • 8 years ago
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    becuz Judy Garland never sang "her" mom's songs.

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