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Who should apoligize first? ik stupid argument?

So me and my three best friends got in a fight. On friday they txted me all day saying when do u get off of work and i said 530 and i txted them when i got off and said im done. and i dont have my lisence yet but all my friends do. so they always pick me up before i can ask for a ride. well they kept saying hav ur dad drop u off and i was like hes out and there like oh well tell him to drop u off when he gets home and im like that can be hrs. and there like oh well idk then. and so im like okay not gunna ask for a ride. so im like okay have fun w.o me. and then last night i got home from work and they all made facebook statueses and sleepover with everyone but me so i txted asking why they didnt invite me and they started going off on how i need manners and some common sense and ask for rides and say please and thank you every time they pick me up. im like umm r u kidding me? were 18 and ur not my gma. and they just kept saying how i use them! and im like r u kidding me! so now they havnt texted me since. what should i do? please no stupid answers thanks! ik this is the most pointless argument


My dad wont let me get my lisence! until i graduate high school. i have an early bday. and i always offer gas money but they dont accept

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    It all depends. If u constantly ask them for rides and don't say Please or thankyou that can get pretty annoying especially if ur not giving them gas money and u live a good distance away. So if u do constantly ask for rides and don't thank them u should apologize. But if u always thank them and offer to give them gas money idk what their problem is but either way mAke sure u tell them u appreciate it and offer them gas money every once in a while because gas is not cheap nowadays

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    ok so i may be totally off on this one since i dont know you and your friends personally but i myself and am 18 and am the oldest of my friends meaning i got my license first so i was the one who had to be the driver. and yes it does get annoying and yes you do feel like your being used and it hurts even though you may not be it still feels like it. a thank you can do alot and maybe even chipping in for gas if they pay for it themselves. I think you should apologize and just say i love you guys alot and im sorry you guys thought i was using you i really do appreciate spending time with you guys and getting rides from you. offer to chip in for gas. and thank them for all the past rides they have given you. you should really consider getting your license and giving them rides. your 18 and an adult you should have gotten it at 16 depending what state your from. if you tell them your getting it and will pay them back by giving them rides soon theyll be happy about that. but from your perspective you felt like your being attacked for no reason they should say sorry for attacking you after you apologize to them.

    hope everything works out:)

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    You're 18? Get a lisence. I'm sorry. If you had one none of this would've happened. It makes life easier for you and everyone else.

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    Sounds to me like you all need to grow up. You should never just assume that someone else is going to provide your ride for you. If you needed a ride, you should have just asked. But you didn't, so you had no right to get upset when they didn't offer you one.

    So just apologize. You are acting like a bratty little girl.

    And also, if you are going to communicate with people, PLEASE use proper English. No one likes trying to decipher your text talk.

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