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Will Chauncey Billups be in the hall of fame ?

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    Look at this list of Finals MVP winners -

    Only 2 Finals MVPs winners (who are eligible for the Hall) have not been inducted in the Hall of Fame. These players are Jo Jo White and Cedric Maxwell.

    I think Billups will be inducted, he was a huge part of the 2004 championship winning Pistons and, as I mentioned, picked up the Finals MVP that year. He is also a 5 x All-Star and has had a pretty solid career.

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    fairly a attain with Billups. Did he rather lead the Pistons to 6 ECFs, or became he area of a especially reliable Detroit 5 ? i could say it became the 5, no longer in trouble-free terms Billups. very reliable participant, extraordinarily intelligent participant. no longer corridor Of acceptance, nonetheless. The stats are not there.

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    nope.. hes not really that popular in the nba... its called hall of fame for a reason.... that means you must be famous... not anyone in the nba can make it in the nba hall of fame.. billups was only successful in the detroit pistons when he won a championship.. and made 1 all star appearance in alll star game.... players like kobe , yao= really famous in nba and china., dwight howard, kevin garnett.. will make it..but chauncey billups... is a starter. I dont see him in the hall of fame..

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    Nawh, in free throw percentage wise, prob..

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    8 years ago

    Yeah he should be a HOF before he retires, also Nash

  • 8 years ago

    He has a great chance to be in it.

  • 8 years ago

    Yes, he should

  • I think he will be considered .. but he wouldnt be inducted !!

  • 8 years ago

    No chaunce.

  • yea he is

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