how do i get my work permit?

Im 14 and Iowa just passed a new law saying that you no longer have to wait 'til 15 to get your work permit.

well i looked up how to get a permit, and all the websites i looked at told me that my highschool should have a Career Center and I should talk to them.

but im not in highschool, im still in middle:/

Do i just talk to the guidance counselor there then? or should my mom contact the local highschool?

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  • A F
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    9 years ago
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    You can also go to any office of Iowa Workforce Development Center You can get more info at including what you need to take with you to prove your age and what your potential employer needs to do

  • Fsd
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    9 years ago

    oh yeah it's no big deal just talk to a guidance counselor or whoever else in the school. you'll eventually come to the right person

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