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Help with weight gain?

I'm 17 and weigh 9 stone and 9 pounds (135 pounds). I have a very rectangular frame, small boobs and small hips. Although my stomach seems to be skinny, the middle of my stomach sticks out so much. When I see pictures of plus size models or celebs even their stomach doesn't stick out as much as mine. I don't know if it's because I don't exercise much or if its just constantly bloated.

This is similar to my body shape, although my stomach sticks out more! -

Also would gaining more weight make me have more curves? I think I'd like to gain more weight to make me feel a bit more womanly but I want to gain weight but still have a nice stomach, anyone got any advice? Thanks :)

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    What you need is to gain weight, but work out. You work out and get those flatter abs, but eat all the calories ( and more ) that you burn.

    Add a nutritional drink with each meal or with each snack.

    I suggest Boost, Carnation Instant Breakfast, or Ensure.

    Eat high calorie foods.

    Add extras of these to what you eat, too.

    Here are some:

    Peanut Butter





    Cheese (parmesan is good)

    Some tortillas can be really high in calories.


    Cream Cheese

    Also high calorie granola bars and protein bars

    High calorie nutrition drinks (Ensure, boost, carnation instant breakfast, etc)


    Granola (Just Bunches Cereal is good)

    Grape Nuts cereal

    Whole Milk

    Caloric Drinks help (drinks with calories)

    Dried fruit

    Trail Mix





    Try following the food pyramid too, but when trying to gain, stay to the higher side of it.

    Eat each day:

    6-11 servings of grain

    3-5 servings of veggies

    2-4 servings of fruit

    2-4 servings of dairy

    3-6 servings of protein

    1-2 servings of fats

    Have plenty of grains and protein.

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    The reason why celebs have flat stomachs is because so many pictures are edited. With bikini and underwear models, their waist is always narrowed. Gaining weight will give you more curves and more stomach. A round stomach can still look very nice, but it all depends on how you gain the weight. Everyone gains differently. Someone like Lara Stone could probably gain another 10 or 20 lbs and still look amazing in a bikini. That type of frame carries weight well.

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    When you work out, do less cardio, and more toning, and muscle, it will help tone you stomach:) if your looking to gain, dont rush to the sweet draw, eats lots of carbs, mixed with a healthy BALANCED diet:) hope this helps xxx

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    Just eat carbs all day. You'll gain weight.

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