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Call of duty black ops wii zombies?

Hey guys. Well the other day I was playing zombies and realizied I don't know the characters name so I look up on the internet, but nothing. So if you tell me the names with a description of the character so I know who you're talking about that be cool. Thanks!

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    There are many playable characters is the zombie universe, I'll give you a list.

    Tank Dempsey

    Nikolai Belinski

    Takeo Masaki

    Edward Richtofen

    John F. Kennedy

    Robert McNamara

    Fidel Castro

    Richard Nixon

    Sarah Michelle Gellar

    Robert Englund

    Danny Trejo

    Michael Rooker

    Michael Shaw

    Yuri Raslov

    There characters are either is Black Ops or World at War, if you want more information on them.

    Under the characters section at the top. It will tell you more about them and which maps they appear on.

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