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do blue flag beaches mean theres no sharks (France)?

do blue flag beaches mean theres no sharks the beach is in france

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    No. The blue flag means that those beaches have met stringent standards and have been awarded a certificate for their high degree of cleanliness, regard for the environment and local ecology, and their hygiene (no sewer outlets near by, etc...).

    It is extremely rare for a shark to go anywhere very near the French coastline. One was sighted in the vicinity of Cagnes-sur-Mer, near Nice, on the Mediterranean coast in July last year and subsequently thought in fact be a big dolphin. A red flag is raised when it is suspected that there is one about and people do not go and swim when there is a red flag up.

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    No need to worry, there are a huge number of sharks off all the French coast. The good news is that none are a threat to humans.

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