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How much can you really tell from a campaign speech?

I don't think you can tell much, but I hope this changes.

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    you can tell a lot. you can tell exactly what a con artist is willing to say to get paid, you can tell from what they deny what their agenda is. you can tell even more from who the news channels are propping up. but if you care about voting (which some people dont, and its their right under the US constitution) you can find out a lot more by checking what they have done in the past (most political candidates that you have heard of have had a political career for a while) and the most important, check who paid for their campaigns, or what companies they were CEO of or things like that. thatl give you an idea of what their agenda is going to entail when they get elected. for example, bill clinton recieved contributions from merck, and he played a major role in legalizing drug commercials on tv. george hw bush and george w bush owned and chaired and played a huge role in the oil industry especially in west texas and they both waged wars in iraq, which has like the second (i think) most oil in the world. new bush friendly government there. and oil companies made record profits i think 5 quarters in a row under bush. that means that they beat their previous record every 3 months. think about that. oh and lyndon johnson was "friends" with certain mafia men right around when they were first considering drugs a respectable business. vietnam has a lot of poppy seeds. those are just the big ones i think are pretty bad. theres tons tons TONS more. i dont mean to go on a raid.

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    Not much. A president, for the most part, can only do what Congress allows him/her to do. It all depends on if any president has a friendly Congress or a hostile one.

    Passed records that mean all that much either. Opinions do change depending of the passed and present position and who the politician is supposed to be representing then/now. Some also change their party affiliation just to get votes. It is sometimes just a 'gut' feeling. Party voting is really not a good idea. Some people seem to thing that political parties are/should be collectives where every member thinks and acts the same. They aren't/don't.

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    I never listen to a speech, I read them. What I find is they often lack information and the information they do contain is often false. That makes them quick reads because anything that doesn't provide me with information is skipped. Probably the best speeches came from Ross Perot.

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    Not too much if you just listen to the speech.

    When you put that together with their speeches and actions from the past, you can get a much clearer picture of just who that person is and what they really stand for.

    That is how many of us knew just what Obama was before he was ever elected President and voted against him.

    You will notice that I said AGAINST Obama and not for McCain. As always over the last few decades, it was a choice of the lesser of two evils as the saying goes.

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    Do not trust or believe what any politician is saying ever.

    I never waste one minute watching any political speech or political commercial. I hate them all.

    Do not trust or believe any political commercial they all exaggerate lie and deceive with 1% of truth.

    The best and only way to judge a politician is by their voting record and by the people and organizations that give them money.

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    The same applies to political news stories and political polls.

    Only trust articles and polls that can be confirmed by multiple news outlets.

    Single story news from only one source are almost always deception.

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    It means nothing, none of them are held to their promises of "change".

    A campaign speech consists of what their handlers and speech writers think is important to the voters.

    Source(s): No new taxes. Close Gitmo Troops out of Iraq It is all bullspit.
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    The bigger the promises and the more are made, the less you can believe. If a candidate promises things they cannot legally or Constitutionally deliver, they are just plain lieing and pandering.

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    Not enough. Debates can give more info.

    All the more reason that voters need to diversify where they're getting their info from and be informed on the canditates.

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    It is an attempt to convince you of something. Whether you choose to believe what the person is trying to convince you of is another matter entirely. Whether you choose to believe they are being honest, or have additional agendas is also entirely up to you.

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    it depends on who's campaigning.

    ron paul tells you exactly what he thinks whether he's campaigning of just giving an interview.

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