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Will Rick Perry give Obama an opportunity to run against George Bush two elections in a row?

We all know he wants to blame his failures on George Bush. WIth 4 years gone and Rick Perry running against him, will he just transform Perry into Bush since he is a Republican governor of Texas?

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    Pretty much.

    Secessionist Texas Governor Rick Scary Perry said in his book he’s against the 17th Amendment. Which is what gives We the People the right to vote.

    Perry has stood against hardworking Texans from his initial arrival in the Governor’s Office. Texans HATE him! From the murder of an innocent man, to extremely high homeowner and health care insurance rates; skyrocketing college tuition and forcing eminent domain to grab Texans’ land, puts Perry as the worst Republican to lead Texas in recent history.

    Texans pay the highest homeowner insurance rates in the nation, an average annual premium of $1,409 per year, and nearly twice the national average of $804. (Source: Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)

    Perry permitted the industry to double overnight the premiums paid by Texas homeowners and refused to rein in exorbitant rates from his biggest campaign contributors. (Source:

    A February 2009 survey showed that 85% of Texans supported regulation of the insurance industry – yet Rick Perry and Texas Republicans fought insurance reform efforts during the 2009 legislative session. (Source: Hill Research Consultants)

    The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs – run by Perry’s hand-picked political appointees – has still, four years after Hurricane Rita, only distributed one-third of the reimbursements that Texas homeowners along the coast are due. (Source: Houston Chronicle)

    March 2009 Rick Perry rejected $555 million in federal stimulus money that would have expanded unemployment benefits for Texans during Bush’s financial collapse.

    Perry had to reverse this decision and ask the federal government for a $170 million loan with interest, so that benefits could get paid. (Source: Think Progress) In 2003 Perry also asked for this loan only one other time, in 2003.

    Perry did not want to provide help to 45,000 out-of-work Texans including part-time employees like single mothers, college students and senior citizens. It would have avoided the unemployment insurance tax hike for all Texas businesses. Perry already increased taxes on businesses in February 2009 when he replaced the Franchise tax with the Margin tax, the first corporate income tax in the history of Texas. The Margin Tax IS an income tax on corporations. (Source: OpEdNews-John-Basel)

    Texans’ utility rates skyrocketed 64% between 1999 and 2007, families in Houston and Dallas pay the highest utility rates in the entire nation. (Source: Associated Press, Dallas Morning News)

    • Utility deregulation has given rise to prepaid electric providers. These providers are sometimes run by convicted criminals who market to “poor, sick, and disabled” Texans and charge consumers rates up to 50% higher than average. (Source: Dallas Morning News) Texas Democratic Party

    • Some Texans on fixed incomes are forced to choose between paying their electric bill and buying groceries. Meanwhile, money in the System Benefit Fund – which was created to help low-income families pay their utility bills – continues to be diverted away from its intended purpose. Since 2002, more than half of all the money collected for the System Benefit Fund has been spent on things other than reducing utility rates. (Source: Dallas Morning News)

    Rick Perry’s campaign contributions: (Source: Project Vote Smart)

    • 2000 – $4,056,424

    • 2002 – $20,674,811

    • 2004 -$10,299,759

    • 2006- $20,199,539

    • 2008 – $10,147,128

    Significant financial support came from Finance, Insurance & Real Estate, Energy & Natural Resources (Big Oil), Lawyers & Lobbyists, Health and Transportation.

    More here:

    Perry also came out in favor of blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants in 2006


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    Obama will be hard pressed when its seen that Perry is a real conservative after the first debate. Perry is much more like Ronald Reagan than the Bush's. There was a real animosity amongst the Bush family and the Reagan family. Father like son; Reagan economics was considered to be voodoo economics in the Bush family, but Perry does not have that problem.

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    Rick Perry is nothing like George Bush.

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    Paranoid pipsqueak Perry, who threatened to have Texas "secede from the Union" if he was "forced" to take any stimulus dollars, did indeed TAKE those Recovery Act dollars and promptly spent up to $20 MILLION of them on renovating the governor's mansion while he and his wife were bilking taxpayers for a $1600-a-month rental! This does not bode well for him---especially if you add in the sponsors of his idiotic far-right-wing gay-bashing anti-black violation-of-separation-of-church-and-state "prayer" meeting where he was keynote speaker! The guy's an egomaniacal incompetent loon, which I suppose is a step up from GW's bratboy with a czar complex personna as Texan right-wingers go. Texas has the highest rate nationally for high school dropouts, the highest number of executions, the lowest wages (below a living wage in many cases), and the lowest quality of public schools.

    President Obama has been in office for only two and a half years thus far...and he has done more for this nation and the American people in those two+ years than the totalitarian nation-destroying Republicans or the Bush/Cheney administration did in their six- and eight-year reigns of terror, respectively! Credit CARD Act of 2009; reducing the deficit by 8% in the first months of 2010 (see Reuters and Washington Post articles, plus MSNBC reports); gave 95% of American workers tax cuts; got us the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that ensures every American of access to quality care and fair treatment by greedy-gut for-profit insurers; the New START Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty with Russia has been ratified; the Bush/Cheney RECESSION that began in 2004 (NPR's "All Things Considered") and escalated was officially ended by July 2009 (Bloomberg News report); our combat mission in the ILLEGAL Iraq war ended on August 31, 2010 (as he had promised); his very first week, President Obama added into the U.S. budget the true costs of both wars that Bush and Cheney had kept OFF THE BOOKS; President Obama CUT SPENDING by cancelling the Bush-ordered $162 BILLION presidential helicopter fleet and the fleet of Cheney-ordered F-22 planes at $365 PER PLANE and sent these appropiated dollars back to Treasury; President Obama worked out trade deals with India, Indonesia, and other nations that translate into JOBS here at home (54,000 new jobs in 2010 from a deal to have India buy more U.S.-made equipment); using the Recovery Act ("stimulus") over a two-year distribution period, the President pursued his green-energy technologies initiative that now has more than 40 states with new or refurbished manufacturing plants in operation making alternative energy resources...and the list of achievements goes on...and on...(see and plus's Obameter and

    Perry follows the same FAILED FISCAL INSANITY POLICIES as did Bush/Cheney and the deficit-causing GOP! President Obama does not have to liken the ego-bloated Perry to GW---the voting public will do that for him.

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  • It seems that way

    Obama takes Perry by an overwhelming 10%

    General Election: Perry vs. Obama

    Obama takes Romney by 3%

    General Election: Romney vs. Obama

    Obama takes Bachmann by over 11%

    General Election: Bachmann vs. Obama

    Ron Paul is the only Republican Candidate that came within a 1% margin of Obama.

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    Rick Perry is George Bush he just put on an new mask.

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    That's half of Perry's problem. America doesn't want another Texas cowboy that thinks God wants him to be President. Been there, done that.

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    Obama never ran against Bush. Bush Jr. had his two terms and McCain ran agaisnt Obama in 2008.

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    Obama never ran against George Bush, stupid liberal.

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