How much are 30 college credits?

I'm looking to transfer universities and the new one says that transfer students must have a minimum of 30 college quarter credits. I have no clue how much that is.

In my old university a full year course would be 1 credit and a half year course would be .50 credits

How much would that be?

I currently have 5 credits

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    30 semester hours is the equivalent of one year of full-time study completing 15 semester hours (5 courses) per semester or 10 typical courses per year.

    Using the method you've described (Carnegie Units) [which is more common in a HS than in a college]; 5 units = 30 semester hours in that both represents taking 5 courses per semester for a year.

    Quarter hours are calculated differently than are semester hours. In direct conversion, 1 semester hour = 1.5 quarter hours. Therefor, 30 quarter hours = 20 semester hours which is the same as about 3 Carnegie Units. That would be equivalent of taking slightly less than 6 courses in a year. In a Carnegie Unit system that's 3 credits. Your 5 credits should equal 45 quarter hours.

    If all of your courses are transferable, you should be fine with the number of credits you've earned. Where you'll face an issue is that most admissions offices won't be as ready to do this conversion as I am - you may have to bring something that documents how your school's credit system works.

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    30 College Credits

  • On quarters, that'd be the equivalent of 2/3 of 1 academic year.

    If you're 2/3 of the way to being a sophomore, you have the equivalence of 30 quarter credits.

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    You'll have to talk to the university you are transferring to. Different schools use different systems. When I was in college a course was worth 4 credits and took 3 hours for 14 weeks. Many schools also use the 3 credit hour system. Some use semesters while others use trimesters or quarters. So you'll have to ask to see how they translate.

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