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scene hair help.part3 -.-?

okay so i'm getting scene hair,but im starting to feel a bit dodgy about the idea.

my hair is just past my chest when i straighten it =) i have olive skin and dark brown hair.i have an oval shaped face.

i've dyed my hair semi-permanent twice but after an argument with my mum i'm not allowed to dye it again til 18 -.- (she might forget she said that) i'm also not allowed highlights :(

do i need to BE scene to have scene hair?

do you think it will suit me?

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    Hey im scene, So ik what your talking about.

    First of all, you don't have to dye & ruin your hair to be scene, Wouldn't that be a bit stupid?

    " Yo! to be scene you have to make your hair die!!!" ?

    But ... Sorry you do need to have the haircut to be taken as scene, otherwise you might be called a poser or a goth, *Shivers*

    Make sure You defiantly have the bangs!

    Dressing scene and having your makeup as scene styled as you can Is a must Tbf!

    That means....

    Skinny black jeans,

    Logo shirts,

    converse or vans,

    Colored Hoodies! ( Pinks or yellows )

    black eye liner

    Black/dark grey eye shadow



    In the mean time, Ask your Mom about not dying your hair but getting Colored extensions?

    Hope i helped! :D Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No you don't need to be "scene" to have scene hair.

    Just go for it, I was unsure with a few of my hair colours.. but live and learn.

    If people do call you scene because of the hair, who cares? Nothing wrong with being "scene", its just the same as saying you are someone who is comfortable with who they are.

    If your mum tries to stop you, try not to argue with her, its never a good road to go down. Try find a compromise. Dont go all out and go dye your hair electric green. Try a different natural colour, so if you have brown hair, dye it black or blonde. You could even try very very dark red or purple.

    Source(s): My own hair adventures.
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  • 9 years ago

    Mandatory suicide for you

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