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Does anyone know about the day to day of a marine with the 5942 aviation radar repair mos?

soon i'll be joining the marine corps and my mos will hopefully be 5942 aviation radar repair, but i have no idea what to expect. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Yep. You will be assigned to a Marine Air Defense Battalion or air traffic control such as a Marine Air Control Group (MACG) that is responsible for air defense and tactical air control.

    You will be working on the radar systems that support the MACG (primarily) and LAAD (secondarily). Another unit under the MACG is MATCS (Marine Air Traffic Control Squadron) and MACS (Marine Air Control Squadron). All of these are involved in Marine Air Defense. Due to mission classification, you will have to be assigned for more detail.

    The good part is that your MOS could get you a job with the FAA after you leave the Corps by repairing air traffic control radars at US airports and air fields.

    Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps-Retired (worked closely with all the above as part of a Marine Air Group staff)

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