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What Are Your Top 10 Favourite Movies?

I have this thing where I'm meant to pick 5 genres and watch 10 of each genre. So I have picked comedy, romance, drama, documentary and film festival. If you can give the genre too I'd love you forever.

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    1.Reservoir Dogs

    2.Pulp Fiction


    4.The Godfather

    5.The Untouchables

    6.The Godfather Part 2


    8.The Godfather Part 3

    9.Public Enemies



    1.The Shining

    2.Dracula(the one with Gary Oldman)

    3.Evil Dead

    4.Evil Dead 2

    5.Army of Darkness


    7.Friday the 13th


    9.Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    10.Twilight Zone The Movie


    1.Start the Revolution Without me

    2.Young Frankenstein

    3.Tropic Thunder

    4.Pineapple Express

    5.Three Amigos

    6.Spies Like Us

    7.The Hangover


    9.Dumb and Dumber

    10.What about Bob?


    1.A Walk in the Clouds

    2.Ever After

    3.Walk the Line


    5.Wuthering Heights(1970)


    7.Romeo and Juliet

    8.Cruel Intentions

    9.Snow White

    10.Brokeback Mountain


    1.Alice in Wonderland


    3.Pan's Labyrinth



    6.Interview with the Vampire

    7.Brothers' Grimm

    8.Clash of the Titans

    9.Big Fish


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    1 Romance- The Princess Bride

    2 Comedy- Tommy Boy

    3 Comedy- The Boondock Saints

    4 Drama- Kramer vs Kramer

    5 Documentary- Bag It

    6 Film Festival- Into the Wild

    7 Fantasy- The Never Ending Story

    8 Drama- Blood Diamond

    9 Musical- Grease

    10 Horror- Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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    1. Chinatown

    2. No Country for Old Men

    3. LA Confidential

    4. Heat

    5. Taxi Driver

    6. Saving Private Ryan

    7. Shawshank Redemption

    8. Once Upon a Time In the West

    9. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    10. Apocalypse Now

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    Uncle Buck


    Planes, Trains, And Automobiles


    My Cousin Vinny

    Coming To America

    The Town


    Shawshank Redemption

    Man Without A Face

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    In No order

    10. The Departed

    9. The Lion King

    8. American Gangster

    7. The Dark Knight

    6. Scarface

    5. Avatar

    4. Pulp Fiction

    3. Goodfellas

    2. The Incredibles

    1. Old School

  • 1. American History X (drama, racism)

    2. Million Dollar Baby (drama, sports)

    3. The Matrix (science fiction, action)

    4. Moulin Rouge! (musical, romance)

    5. Requiem For A Dream- drama

    6. Shawshank Redemption- drama, prison

    7. Schindler's List- drama, history

    8. A Perfect Wold- drama

    9. The Elephant Man- drama

    10. Donnie Darko, drama, science fiction

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    This is difficult to answer, because my favorites change, depending on the mood I'm in. Anyway, I'll give it a go:

    The Godfather - crime drama

    Saving Private Ryan - war

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - drama

    Titanic - drama/romance

    Inception - thriller

    Back to the Future - science ficiton/comedy

    Singin' in the Rain - musical

    Kill Bill Vol.1 - action

    The Shawshank Redemption - drama

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NEst - drama

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    Horror - Insidious , Pulse

    Comedy - Due Date , Hall Pass.. funniest movies in existance

    Action - From Paris with Love and I forgot the others

    Drama - Fighter ~ must watch

    Romance- don't really watch these... sorry..

    But here's just a small list.. I've been having trouble remembering some things from the past so these are all the movies I can remember that were good

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    comedy - The trouble with angels ('66), Auntie Mame ('58)

    romance - North & South ('04), Baby boom ('87),

    drama - The heart is a lonely hunter ('68), Cora unashamed ('00), The woman in the window ('44)

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    hmmm.... this is hard.... well i LOVE all the harry potters, but the best was the last one INCREDIBLE, the incredibles, toy stories, emm..... princess bride!, oh and kindergarden cop!!, that too, i really like wizard of oz, beauty and the beast, a bunch o disney movies (spotlight hercules!), the sound of music is great, so yeahh im a pretty varied person. i guess these genres are animated, family, musicals, comedy, action

    oh ANDDD: titanic, avatar, star trek, and lord of the rings, cant believe i forgot that! that is the action and sci-fi genres

    good day to u :) i said good day!! (omg i forgot willy wonka! the old one, the new one is more to the book but isnt as, well, happy :) )

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