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Why are most feminists lesbians...?

First of all, I don't find this offensive at all... because most of the time it turns out to be true. And I'm a feminist and yes I'm a lesbian, maybe it's part of the package deal? But I was looking up famous femininsts and honestly, most of them were lesbians. Not all of them but a lot of them.

But it seems to me like women I've met who hate on women always turn out to be 100% proper straight girls and if she isn't bitter towards women or catty or constantly seeing women as competetion, she turns out to be at LEAST bi.

Is this why people say that women are their own worst enemy?

Even though I am a woman myself and a feminist and a lesbian, I have become a bit bitter towards women lately because I can't help but feel like they have held themselves back for so long. Every woman I've met who is actually cool and I actually like turns out to be a lesbian. For example Ellen Degeneres, Wanda Sykes, Jane Lynch, etc... lesbians seem to be better personalities and a better sense of humour where as straight girls are just stuck up and mean most of the time and pretend to like you but then talk sh*t about you behind your back, which is EVIL.


I'm not a lesbian because I'm a feminist... I was a lesbian before I was a feminist.

Update 2:

Well I've never had any bad experiences with men...

Update 3:

I'm very close to my dad, grandpa, brother, uncle and male cousins and I have lots of male friends too, gay and straight.

I'm just making a point, most feminists truly ARE lesbians. Not all of them but most.

But damn, you people in GS take sh*t too serious... CHILL!

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    Because basically, you have a male brain. First wave feminists were lesbians mostly. Lesbians tend to act & dress like men. Gay men tend to act & dress like women. Gay men have a female brain & gay women have a male brain. It's obvious from watching how both gay men and gay women behave.

    You mentioned female comedians. Did you ever do the "most successful female comedian to lesbian" ratio test? Do it now... I'll help...

    Wanda Sykes... Lesbian

    Ellen Degeneres... Lesbian

    Rosy Odonnell... Lesbian

    Paula Poundstone...Lesbian

    Carol Leifer... Lesbian

    Men dominate the stand-up comedian profession. The most successful (and funniest) female comedians are lesbians. It's not a coincidence.

    You probably share the male frustration with women because you... like men... don't understand why women act & think the way they do.

    First wave feminists looked around and wanted to feel "normal" for wanting to act & dress like a man... so what they did was to tell ALL women that "hey... men are working and you aren't! That's unfair! You need to work to be successful" and women actually believed them. Women believed that men had it all figured out and their stressful and dangerous jobs were somehow more important than making sure their kids felt loved... and were cared for... and were safe. ...So women decided to try and act like men and fast forward 40 years... and modern women are stressed out more than any other generation & kids are growing up with ZERO respect and into little brats.

    Women now value their career over their family.

    Women now have resentment for men because of all of the feminist distortions, lies, and sexist theories about men.

    Lesbian feminists actually tricked straight women into adopting the lesbian lifestyle.


    Well done ladies.

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    Why are most feminists lesbians...?

    First of all, I don't find this offensive at all... because most of the time it turns out to be true. And I'm a feminist and yes I'm a lesbian, maybe it's part of the package deal? But I was looking up famous femininsts and honestly, most of them were lesbians. Not all of them but a...

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    They are not related. Being gay is something you are born with. (Yes, it's true which you would know if you even watched the Science Channel.) Feminism is a political persuasion. But just as with Republicans and Democrats, feminists run the gamut from slightly to extremely feminist. If we follow the logic of your question, then we'd have to assume that all straight females are non-feminist.

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    Good question. I have wondered if most feminists are latent lesbians. Hard to tell either way these days since many women dress androgynously.

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    Because it grants lesbians a shot at a bunch of young, doe-eyed women, who are unsure of themselves and easily brainwashed, that will engage in lesbian relations with them, before marrying a man and becoming a Republican house wife shortly after college, after realizing it wasn t for them. Feminism is a capitalist plot, the Rockefeller s have admitted it, to get women blaming some vague idea of "every man," which they call "the patriarchy," for lower wages, instead of using Marxist principal to form unions and unite with men to get fair wages for all--which is the only way wages have ever been raised for either sex. Of course the rich and their corporations want women to hate men, hate the idea of having their own family, and use their mothering and nurturing skills to serve the company like it s their family. You sure get devoted workers that way! And you don t have to pay them what you would a man, or give them the parenting leave and pay, that ought to be a human right, because they ll never form a successful union. And the reason for that is: in order to do that you d have to be willing to strike. And if you strike, the company will hire strike head busting henchmen to kill you, and you have to be willing to go to war, right back. That s what it has always taken from the beginning of unions. And these companies know women won t do that because they are physically weaker, plus they have children and families to worry about. And if you won t go to war, man or woman, then it s "fvck you, you re not getting paid what your worth." And of course they want women out blaming "everyman," for not getting paid, though "everyman," had nothing to do with it. Because they sure don t want women realizing the business owners and corporations are to blame and suing, or worse, forming a union and actually getting paid what their worth. And they know that would start out with women realizing who s actually screwing them over. So these companies make sure this propaganda now starts in grade school. And along the way lesbians have realized there are women that can easily be conned into acting gay at least for awhile until they realize it s not for them and they have exploited these women too, and keep this propaganda "philosophy," going, cause they re getting something out of it. And the companies love this! It gives them women to spout the company propaganda.

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    I'm not sure if this is 100% true, but I've heard that it has something to do with the subconscious mind. The media portrays women as frail and in need of men to function properly, so of course lesbians, women who fall in love with women, would need to prove that they can take care of themselves WITHOUT the help of a man.

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    Paula Poundstone Lesbian

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    You are spewing these words from your personal life experience and point of view. You lesbians want respect but you gals do not give in return unless one agrees with you. You belittle and cut down heterosexual females because we refuse to walk in your footsteps. Lady "live and let life."

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    What I think is evil is that you're labelling all straight girls as "stuck up" and "evil". No wonder people think feminist lesbians are bitchy.

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