what comedy do you recomend, to watch with friends?

any suggestions?

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    The House Bunny - The day after Shelley (Anna Faris) turns 27 she wakes up and finds a note saying she cant live in the Playboy Mansion anymore because she is too old. So she has to pack up and leave and then she finds a Sorority called Zeta and they are a bunch of weirdos so she tries to make them sexy and get more sorority sisters. Its hilarious !

    She's The Man : Voila (Amanda Bynes) is on the girls soccer team and the coach has to cancel the girls team because not enough girls signed up. So Voila asks to join the boys team and the coach said no because he said girls aren't good enough. So Viola's brother Sebastian was supposed to go to a college but instead he ran off to do a band concert thing so Voila put on a wig and dressed as a guy and had to learn to live college life as a boy. It is hilarious ! ! !

    White Chicks- I'm pretty sure you heard about it. Anyways two black F.B.I people had to bring two rich girls to the Hampton s for a weekend and make sure they didn't get kidnapped. Well they all ended up getting in a car accident and the girls got one single scar on their faces and decided they wouldn't go to the Hampton s. So the two black guys disguise themselves as rich little white girls and have to pretend to be them and both of them keep forgetting they are supposed to be girls so yeah its funny ! !

    Mean Girls : Words cannot describe how funny mean girls is. Its about a girl name Cady Harrein (Lindsay Lohan) had to go to a real highschool for the first time and she meets two kids named Janice and Damien and Janice convinvces Cady to pretend to be Regina George's friend (Rachel McAdams) and destroy her popularity. Its sooooooo funny ! Damien and Karen are my favorite ! !!

    Hope i helped (:

    Also You Again is pretty funny

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  • 10 years ago

    Scary Movie

    Scary Movie 2


    Borat(one of my favs)

  • 10 years ago

    pineapple express

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